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What happens when you have anxiety about going to an exercise class

As gyms and outdoor exercise classes are opening next week you may be a little anxious about going back to the gym. What happens when you have anxiety about going to an exercise class. You might say for a yoga class 'I don’t feel like I can go to a class as there will be too many experienced people?' and yes that might be true but:

There are all different levels of yogis in any class you go to. You just have to turn up and see how you get on. The more positive thoughts you have, the more you will relax into the class. It is quite daunting turning up to a yoga class when you haven’t done yoga before. But just inform the teacher you are new and they will be really helpful and understand how you feel as they have been there before on their very first yoga lesson. If you really feel like you cannot go to a class and would like more experience then you can do yoga in your own home. There are so many DVD’s, internet, books, apps and games consoles which all teach you how to do different yoga poses. You will need to start with the basic poses and then work up to more advanced poses. Once you have a basic understanding of the different poses and names then going to a class will really help you to get more out of your yoga practice. Practice every day and you will get better and better at doing each pose. Good luck.

Its also about finding a good teacher and one that you resonate with. You are the one paying for the class so you need to be happy with the teacher. You will instantly get a vibe from the teacher and you will know. Teachers wont bite so have the courage to go up to them and inform them that you are new to the class, they will then keep a discrete eye on you and help you in different ways.

Sometimes you will click with the right teacher straight away. Other times you wont and you will then go onto a different class. You need to feel comfortable in a class and get the most out of it for you to feel the best version of you and feel amazing afterwards. The main thing is that you are there to enjoy it so if you don't and you do not feel any benefits then move on and give something else a good that you might think you'll like. Let me know by leaving a comment here about your own experiences as a newbie to a class or exercise group. I'd love to know.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx

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