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Today, when you are sat at your desk, ask yourself 'How is my posture'?

Notice how you are sitting, standing, walking and how you hold yourself.

Ask yourself 'Am I feeling stressed or anxious'? You might not even know it but I guarantee your shoulders will be up by your ears, your breathing rate would have increased and you may have sweaty palms.

Take note of how you really feel. What is making you feel this way. If your shoulders are tight, up by your ears, try circling them, up and down, backwards and forwards. Listen to the crunching and cracking within the shoulders. By doing this it allows the blood to flow, the muscles to relax and for you to move your posture to a better position.

Our bodies do not like to be sat at a right angle, exactly how we are sat right now at our desks. This makes our pelvis tight, shortens the hamstrings and curves the lower back. If you notice this, take a walk around the office or home for 5 minutes each hour. Get up, stretch, touch your toes (stretching out through the hamstrings and lower back) go get a drink and talk to other people around. This will boost your mood allowing more energetic thoughts and feelings pass through the body.

Maybe invest in a standing desk or use a swiss ball to sit on. This will allow the base of the spine to drop, your posture is instantly better and you will not suffer with lower back pain.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below. Tag someone who needs to read this today.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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