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Do You Have Just 1 Minute To See If It's Even Possible?


Did you know that a staggering 15% of married couples haven't been intimate in the last year? It's a big number, and I truly hope you're finding ways to communicate your desires within your relationship.


But that's why you are here because you are feeling a little lost with the communication, intimacy and trust within your relationship. 

Do you have unresolved, distressful emotional experiences or memories of a relationship? 

By bringing breathwork into your everyday practice it allows you to release mental grudges and emotional holds locked in the body for so long. You can diminish these thoughts through Breath Work alone.

Did you know that a staggering 42% of married couples were divorced in the UK last year alone.

This is because there is no communication, trust or intimacy and if you are stuck in this position right now, lets do something about it.

I want to tell you about one of my experiences where I used breath work to save my marriage. As you may well know if you've been following me for a while, I had a miscarriage in 2012 and that nearly broke us a couple. Six years prior to this, we also nearly fell apart due to work commitments and never seeing each other. That's another story for another time but breath work helped me through both of these huge life experiences.


My husband and I went for our 12 week pregnancy scan, everything was fine leading up to that. I had normal pregnancy hormones, I felt pregnant and all was good or so it seemed. So we went into the sonographers room, laid down on the bed and got comfy. The sonographer was really nice and started chatting about stuff we'd done that day. To this day I remember the smells of hospital like it was yesterday. The lights were turned off and we watched the screen. A little bit of jelly was put onto my tummy, which was really cold and then the sonographer started to move the probe around my tummy. All was going well and then he said to us 'How many weeks do you think you are?' I said 12 and I knew the dates that we'd had sex and the last day of my cycle on that particular month. 

He then told us that we'd had a missed miscarriage which basically means that I lost the baby at 6 weeks but my body still thought I was pregnant. Our horror then came across both of our faces. He got another doctor in to double check, but yes he'd said the same. Our worst nightmare became true. He said 'I am really sorry' and then he gave us a few minutes on our own to console each other. 

Tears started streaming down my face, sobbing into the tissue that he'd given me. Darren just held me and we stayed there for what seemed like hours but was 10 minutes. The sonographer came back in and gave us some leaflet's and told us what the next stages would be. 

When we came out of the room, we sat waiting for the next phase, which was to have a pessary put inside my vagina to remove the remnants of the foetus. But during that time, another couple came out of another room and were so happy, she was so excited, which was great for them, but made me feel even worse, like it was my fault that we'd lost our baby. The guy turned to his partner when he saw us and told her to be quiet because of us crying. 

From that time on, I said to Darren, next time we do this and I am pregnant, we will look at the ultrasound photos in the car, just in case another couple were going through the same as us. It really made me think. 

So we went upstairs to get the pessary done and then went back home for it to work its magic. But it didn't work its magic. For 6 weeks after that, I was bleeding on and off, little bits of tissue were coming out and a huge part fell out in the shower which I was fascinated by but Darren thought it was weird, maybe that's my veterinary medical background. But as the weeks passed, nothing happened, so I ended up having a general anaesthetic to remove the remnants of the foetus. 

I remember this was the hardest part of our journey as a couple. We were worlds apart. I thought it was my fault, Darren was blaming himself and we just grew apart. This is where I brought breath work into my daily practice. We were drifting apart and there was nothing we'd done wrong as a couple, but as individuals we just didn't know how to speak to each other.  As the weeks passed, we both were feeling so lonely that one day I just shouted at him that we needed to talk, communicate and say how we were really feeling. We both were lost in our thought's when we should have been talking to each other and being there for each other, guiding both of us through this very traumatic time in our lives. 

We sat for hours on the bed, talking, cuddling and just saying everything we felt we needed to. Also during that time my cousin had given birth to a baby girl and she subsequently got taken away from my cousin because she was on heroin at the time (she still is now) and that was just another kick in the stomach. Why us, why did we loose a baby and she got to be pregnant. Life is just cruel sometimes.


After that conversation on the bed, we both sat there doing breath work. Its become norm in our house now, even the children do it when they feel anxious, nervous or stressed. 

We sat back to back, heads leaning on each others shoulders, closed our eyes and did Square Breathing or Box Breathing which seemed like for hours, but it really helped us connect back up. We missed each other so much, even though we lived together, we were just existing. This breath work helped us to communicate better with each other and gave us a better outlook on life. 

So there is my story on how breath work became a real life saver in my life and how it saved our marriage. We then went on to have two children. One in 2014 and the other in 2017. 


Do you or have you felt like me some times within your life or right now?

For more insights and guidance, consider joining the Breath Work Academy For Intimacya place where everyone's talking about the transformative power of finding their confidence through the inner work through breath practices.

Speaking of progress, have you experienced any breakthroughs in communicating your feelings to your partner?


Your journey doesn't have to stop here – take it further with the Breath Work Academy For Intimacy, a self-taught online course designed to lead you toward the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

If you're hungry for more growth and intimacy in your relationship, consider enrolling in the Online Self-Paced Breath Work Academy Course. Through this course, you'll gain insights to:

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👉🏼 Achieve better sleep and mental clarity

👉🏼 Cultivate a centred and empowered self


👉🏼 Having all of this through breath work

Is this you?

Have I just described your deepest desires?

It's crucial to address the challenges that relationships can face. With divorce rates soaring, it's evident that effective communication, trust-building, and intimacy are essential.


It's for those who are just starting to realise their relationships are less loving, less intimate and less supportive than they used to be it will give you the breath work tools you need reset the balance and bring back the spark on your first try.

For those of you whose realised you’ve not slept in the same room, not seen each other in weeks because of work or are starting to feel uncomfortable in the same room as your partner it will give you the missing piece that you’ve been searching for. You will learn different breath work techniques to build your confidence and then be able to find that intimate relationship you've been looking for. You will be able to find the courage and strength just through breath work alone to ask for what you desire in the bedroom and how to be more open, honest and real with yourself and with your partner. You will learn different breath work techniques for you to feel balanced and calm even if the rest of your world is crumbling around you.


By joining the Breath Work Academy For Intimacy, you're opening the door to a world of benefits, including:

👉🏼 Profound sleep wrapped in your partner's embrace

👉🏼 Overflowing self-worth and love in every facet of life

👉🏼 Blissful emotions without anxiety

👉🏼 Laughter and joy that brings happy tears

👉🏼 Unwavering support and alignment in your decisions

👉🏼 Healing from past traumas and rebuilding trust

👉🏼 Time spent with your partner, overflowing with love

👉🏼 Transforming arguments into meaningful conversations

👉🏼 Loving and being loved by the most important person – you

Does this resonate with your deepest desires? Dive into the Breath Work Academy For Intimacy now and experience a transformed relationship journey.


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Gemma :)

My name is Gemma Nice and I help professional women who are trapped in the unhappy unhealthy and unsatisfying work life cycle which is causing them to feel old before their time unloved by those closest to them and is though their life has no meaning. I to suffered with my relationship after many years of trying and now we have overcome those factors and have been together for over 23 years. I have suffered trauma through a miscarriage but we moved through the pain and trauma and made our relationship stronger. All this mostly through breath work.

I am a 40 year old with 2 children. I was born in Brighton and I love outdoor walks and being in nature and I love spending time together as a family. We have backpacked around the world for 7 months in 2006. That was the best trip ever. We as a family love to travel and the children get to see the amazing world. I am into healthy eating but also am partial to chocolate. I love reading romance novels and health magazines. I love my life and everything about it.

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