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Unleash the Power of Your Creativity – A Manifestation Workshop with Yoga,
Reiki, EFT & Intuitive Art

Yoga Reiki Workshop Image

Date: Sunday 7th July 2024

Time: 2.00-4.00pm

Venue: Cow Shed Studio
Hammes Barn, Washington Road, Steyning, BN44 3DA

Price: £24.24pp

Contact: Gemma Nice on or 07765400954

or Sam Meredith on or 07818638997

FREE PARKING ON SITE                  

Join Gemma & Sam on Sunday 7th July 2024, for an inspiring and uplifting afternoon rekindling your connection to your own creative potential!


During this soul nourishing afternoon, we will take the time to set empowering intentions to shift us onto our most expansive, joyful and creative timelines, using the power of creativity to help our ability to manifest the experiences we most wish for.


Using a combination of inspiring, clarifying visualisations, yoga, EFT, reiki and intuitive artwork, we will open up space where you can shift any energetic blockages that may be restricting your creative flow and fire up the creative centre at your core.


Set powerful intentions with an expansive, creativity inspiring, meditative
journey and journalling practice.


Shift your energy and release unwanted stress with empowering movement
through yoga with EFT tapping.


Relax and open up space for healing with guided meditation and reiki.


Experience a demonstration of and try intuitive energy art practices to help stimulate your own creative ‘flow’ and create opportunities to deepen your connection to your expanded sense of Self.


Enjoy the freedom of immersing yourself into a non-judgemental, compassionately curious space of expanded self-awareness, as you create your own intuitive art, allowing your inner awareness to arise and guide you.


Are you ready to step into your power and harness the potential of your unique radiance? Are you ready to raise your vibration and release blocks stopping you from playing with your own creative capacity, allowing yourself to blossom into a more expanded version of you? Are you ready to create the world you wish to experience?


Then join us as we go on a light filled journey where we will consciously choose to invite creativity back into our lives to inspire our growth and connect into and unleash the untapped, unique, power and potential that we all hold within.


All art supplies for the workshop will be provided. We will also be offering Yogi teas and journals for everyone who attends.


Please wear clothes that you can move in comfortably, plus a pair of socks and warm top for the cool down. You will also need a cup (for the tea) water, a yoga mat, small pillow and blanket (for the relaxation section).


Sam Meredith is a reiki master practitioner and a member of the UK Reiki Federation with 16 years experience working with subtle energy. Gemma Nice is a qualified Yoga Teacher with 16 years experience working with all kinds of people sharing her passion of yoga.


For more information about this event please do not hesitate to contact either Gemma or Sam on either or Gemma


We are really looking forward to welcoming you into this inspiring, supportive and transformative space! Workshop Price £24.24. Refunds are available, provided 24 hours notice is given.




Photo's from the last Workshop

Yoga Reiki Workshop 2
Yoga Reiki Workshop 5
Yoga Reiki Workshop 6
Yoga Reiki Workshop 3
Yoga Reiki Workshop 4
Yoga Reiki Workshop 7
Yoga Reiki Workshop 8
Yoga Reiki Workshop 9

Here is some of Sam's Intuitive Art Work

Energy artwork
Energy artwork
Energy artwork
Energy artwork

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