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Goddess Academy Of Light Mastermind


5 Week Live Mastermind To Find Inner Peace Within, Internal Being For Yourself and Your Relationship with Award Winning Sex And Relationship Coach Gemma Nice.

Did you know that approximately 42% of marriages ended in divorce last year? It's a big number, and I truly hope you're finding ways to communicate your desires within your relationship.


If you're hungry for more growth and intimacy in your relationship, consider enrolling in the Goddess Academy Of Light Mastermind. 

The Goddess Academy Mastermind is a comprehensive program that empowers you to:
● The Best Nights Sleep Ever because you get to snuggle up to your partner and be intimate?
● Feel beyond worthy of love and seeing it all around you in your life?
● Having overwhelming sensations of love without the anxiety you have been feeling?
● To be able to cry happy tears of laughter and joy?
● Feeling supported in everything you do and feeling fully aligned within all the decisions you have made? .
● Making any trauma or trust an issue of the past?
● To know that you, I and 10 other wonderful goddesses are here to listen to you, your visions of such a bright and beautiful and supported future.
● To be able to spend all the time in the world with your partner and feeling the same overwhelming feeling you have got within this container.
● To have banished all the arguments and turn it into a really deep and meaningful conversations?
● Plus also to love and be loved by the most important person in the room, YOU?

Is this you?

Have I just described your deepest desires?

Ready to take the plunge? Learn more and secure your spot by clicking the link below.

This is five weeks of you, I and 10 other incredible women working together to help you find your inner peace and calm to find a better relationship. We cover things like How to Balance Your Nutrition so that it supports you to function even through a busy day. How to generate energy even if you only have 3 minutes to get started in the morning. How to journal so your thoughts are no longer cluttering your head.


I CAN NOT WAIT to support you and tap into this field's magic.

So what's inside the Goddess Academy Of Light Mastermind?

Inside Goddess Academy Of Light, You will:
👉🏼 Be able to envision your PERFECT relationship
👉🏼 LET GO of all self-doubt and learn to live from your heart
👉🏼 Learn tools and techniques for you to have a BETTER understanding of your partner and how to communicate
👉🏼 Learn how to SLEEP better and gain clarity
👉🏼 Learn how to create a better, more CENTERED person within you


Here on this course, you'll get all the recommendations and consulting throughout the five weeks, plus I'll send you home with recommended training that I've created to provide you with extra TLC.

Your time here with us at the Goddess Academy Of Light Mastermind includes:

The recordings (which will be live but also you can have the videos),
The Bonus Trainin
5x 1 hour per week group coaching calls,
Nutrition Plan,

The Wheel Of Love,
Downloadable video with your specific requirements for the 5 weeks,
1x Hand made Soft Cotton Lavender Eye Mask,
More than 20 accessible Meditations,
Deep Relaxation Techniques,
Tapping Therapy,



Here Are The Secrets You Need To Know

There are three secrets to having a PERFECT relationship with yourself, your partner and your family in less time than it takes to have a cup of tea.

Secret #1 -
The #1 Reason Your Relationship Isn't Working is Because Of YOU...

Secret #2 -
You don't have to be perfect to have a proper relationship...

Secret #3 -
Not all relationships are destined to succeed, and you'll learn in here why...

I am so excited to have you as a Goddess of Light here, so let's get started.

The structure is 5 weeks and each week there will be a specific topic.


You will also have access to the Relationship group coaching chat, where I am available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and we can use that as a discussion area and meet other women who are in the same position as you

The weekly calls are 1 hour each week via Zoom and will be every Friday 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm GMT and 2pm CET, they will be live and recorded so if you miss them them, they will be available to download and sent via email.


It's so exciting and something that I think is really needed right now, especially in relationships xxx

Let's do this - Be The Goddess You Were Born To Be. The magic doesn't happen if you don't do the work.

Start the once in a lifetime course below 👇
"Enroll in Our Program to
Transform Your Relationship!!!

Now for the pricing…?

Before I tell you about the price of this course, let me ask you a simple question…

How much would you be willing to pay for a program that helps you get rid of useless break free from staying stuck in a relationship that makes your life miserable?

Think about your hard-earned thousands of dollars that you would spend on useless degrees and end up throwing down the drain…

Let me guess…

If you take action today then you can enroll in this game-changing, career-boosting program for a one-time unbelievably low price of £333 only. (Pricing plans are available)

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Gemma Swishy Hair

Gemma Nice

Award Winning International Sex, Relationship and Yoga Coach, Public Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur



As an added bonus, if you sign up within the next 48 hours you get FREE access to another amazing course, called Breath Work For Intimacy. 

Breath Work Academy For Intimacy, a self-taught online course designed to lead you toward the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

For more insights and guidance, consider joining the Breath Work Academy For Intimacy – a place where everyone's talking about the transformative power of finding their confidence through the inner work through breath practices.

Copy of Copy of 11 Deep Dive
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Tovi A5 Notebook elephant dung paper

I have partnered with an amazing company called Tovi Gifts. If You Join Up Within The Next 48 Hours, You Get A FREE Elephant Dung Notepad For You To Use As A Journal. Worth £20.00!!!

So join today. What are you waiting for?

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