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What is Employee Wellbeing Solutions?

Workplace wellbeing for employees right up to CEO's.


Keeping employees healthy means they don’t miss work as often. And second, healthy employees result in lower healthcare costs which equals lower insurance premiums.


Employees can discover how they can reclaim their body, their energy, and their thirst for life in just 30 minutes time as well as get their mojo back for producing their best work to date.


What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Workplace Wellbeing can be defined as so many things but there is a difference between wellbeing and employee wellbeing. Employee wellbeing refers to the overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness of your employees.

To sustain a healthy workplace environment, employee wellbeing needs to be at the heart of the business. 79% of people are affected by work related stress, with around 17 million working days per year lost to stress, anxiety or depression. 


How you can support your employees.

Did you know it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem... It can cause... FURTHER ISSUES! 

Employee Wellbeing Solutions help to give your employees improved productivity, have a healthy work/life balance and improve overall performance within the workplace.


Results Driven Program

This program not only drives your employees to have a better outlook on life, it really gets to the nitty gritty of their mental and physical wellbeing though different tools and techniques which they are bring into the workplace. It helps to support you as an employer to support your employees through tough times, whether that's mental or physical which in turn drives better results both in the workplace and at home.


Connections within the workplace

Did you know that women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men. This program allows all employees to find the relationships and connections they need to get back on track. It helps them to build a sense of belonging and self worth. It helps to build self confidence, self esteem, build a sense of purpose and learn new skills. It creates positive feelings and a sense of reward giving them a feeling of purpose and self-worth. This all contributes to a better overall workplace and employee happiness.

Employee Wellbeing Management

Are your employees struggling to stay motivated; feel anxious and are depressed, or they feel completely fed up with feeling sluggish and tired?

Being sat at their desks for too long which brings on lower back, pelvic pain, stress in the shoulders, neck and they find it hard to switch off?

Their work input is slowly decreasing due to sick days or mental health days spent at home?



Six Dimension's Of Wellbeing

There are 6 pillars to the wellbeing dimensions to help you thrive in all areas of your life. These are:


Mental wellbeing enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realise their abilities, learn well and work well. It is an integral component of health and well-being that underpins our individual and collective abilities to make decisions and build relationships within the workplace and beyond.


Physical wellbeing is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue fatigue, physical stress or depression.


Emotional refers to how a person thinks and feels. It's the ability to acknowledge and cope with both positive and negative emotions.
It also refers to how well people are able to accept and manage their emotions and cope with challenges throughout life including their work.


Occupational wellbeing is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure in a way that promotes health, a sense of personal satisfaction and is financially rewarding. It allows the person to be unique and find their personal talents as well as be able to speak freely confidently.


Social wellbeing is building and maintaining healthy relationships and having meaningful, authentic interactions with others in the workplace. This is made up of the people around each person. Peers, mentors, faculty, family and colleagues. It is having a sense of belonging while valuing diversity.


Spiritual Wellbeing is about a sense of connection to those things that give us meaning and purpose in life. The universe is always on hand for support in many different ways both natural and expanses of life.

Benefit's of Employee Wellbeing Solutions within your organisation

Having employee wellness programs within the workplace have various benefits that impact your business and your employees.


Increased employee focus and engagement 

The more employees are focused and stress free, the more engagement and output there will be from each member of the team. The program offers sleep, nutrition, movement, meditations and so much more, allowing their mind to be a lot more focused on the job in hand.


Focused employee health both in the mind and body

This allows better food choices from the mind, allowing a better output from the start of the morning until late in the evening without seeing that 3pm slump. Less blood sugar spikes, and much more education focused on healthy eating habits as well as movement benefits all resulting in better choices, more energy and a lot less burnout.


Lower health insurance costs

Employees on any wellbeing program will have a better mindset, resulting in less stress, anxiety, more motivation and a better outlook on life, resulting in so much more productivity, lower healthcare costs and less paid sick days. A win win for any business. For example Google reported a 50% reduction in healthcare costs for employees participating in their wellbeing program.


Attracting the right person for the job role

By advertising to potential new employees, having a wellbeing program that the company offers, attracts the right kind's of people for the job role you are offering. It gives them incentive to join a great company where they are well looked after.


Stress and anxiety reduction

Better decision making, better morale and better brain to paper decisions all help to reduce stress and anxiety. By having the right stress and anxiety management tools for your team, this allows for so much better productivity all round.


Improved attendance

By increasing and prioritising wellbeing, movement, stress management and so much more through the Employee Wellbeing Solutions, increased attendance has made companies see a rise in productivity, happiness and above all more productive days in the office.

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Key components of wellbeing

There are 6 pillars to the wellbeing components which keep the wellbeing cogs in motion


Getting enough exercise into your daily routine helps your serotonin and dopamine hormones (mood, sleep, calming, pleasure, satisfaction, motivation) as well as endorphins (happy hormones) to stay high. This allows you to feel happier and calmer throughout your day as well as weight loss and reduces heart diseases and stress levels.


By moving your body each day for around 30 minutes, it allows the process to keep your body calm and rested, rather than in fight or flight response in the nervous system. It reduces stress levels, keep you level headed and also reduces the risks of cancer and heart disease.


Getting a good quality nights sleep, allows your brain to be in the REM (Rapid  Brain Movement) sleep cycle, which is where your brain is more active. This allows the body to release hormones during sleep that help repair cells and control the body's use of energy. You wake up feeling refreshed and alert. It is also associated with better mental health and a stronger immune system.


Eating the right nutritious foods and making sure you are hydrated will make your employees more productive at work. Good nutrition helps to balance the right hormones to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Lower sugar intake and consuming more healthy foods including healthy fats, vitamins and minerals can have a profound effect on mental and physical wellbeing.

Fresh Air

Oxygen consumption should always be on the highest priority. Low levels of oxygen in your blood can causes symptoms of headaches, difficulty concentrating and fatigue. Getting outside and breathing in fresh air all helps to reduce this and lowers stress levels significantly. Being around nature and seeing the colour green allows the nervous system to regulate resulting in a more calmer, more productive you.


There are several ways that spirituality can support your wellbeing. You may feel a higher sense of purpose, peace, hope, and meaning. You may experience better confidence, self-esteem, and self-control. It can help you make sense of your experiences in life and in the workplace.

Benefit's of Employee Wellbeing Solutions or Programs within your organisation

When we look at statistics for wellbeing within the workplace this is what we found...

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Employee wellbeing ideas for your organisation

Wellbeing ideas within the workplace to incorporate during the time spent at work

Here are some cost effective wellbeing ideas to kickstart your wellbeing solutions


Get out and get some fresh air

The more employees get outside of the office and breathe in fresh clean air, the more productive they will feel and be. Allow them to breathe correctly using the Box Breathing technique or Square Breathing technique - Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts and hold for 4 counts, Repeat this 4 times.


Encourage healthy eating 

If you have snacks within your workplace, encourage them to be healthy, e.g. fruit or veg snacks. Change the vending machine for whole foods and decrease the amount of coffee on tap. Have different nutrition days so maybe each member of staff bring in different dishes each day, e.g. Mindful Mondays meaning bring in healthy snacks, or Wholesome Wednesdays, brining in whole foods and not processed.


Meetings out in nature

Maybe once or twice a week have your daily meetings outside in nature or a park nearby. Go for a walk, encourage people to get outside if they are working from home and listen in via headphones and not on screens.


Encourage mindfullness 

Each day during lunchtime have a mindfullness moment or put on a meditation so employees can take time away from their screens and be in the present moment. Bring in EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to bring the nervous system into rest and digest not fight or flight.


Encourage team building exercises 

Build this into your weekly schedule for employees to have a run club or walking club. Organise a walk in the park or a picnic once a month to keep morale high. 


Have scheduled screen breaks

Coming away from the screen allows employees to focus more on the job in hand without getting headaches, feeling stressed or anxious. If its built into the day, things run more smoothly. Try for a walk around the office or a 5 minute screen break every hour.

Maybe have a designated no screen working zone and comfy chairs or bean bags scattered around to feel more of a relaxed atmosphere.


Flexible hours

Allow employees to take time if they need it for school drops off, picks ups, dental, doctors appointments or just to have flexible working hours within the 24 hour day for people to work around work. This builds trust and consistency.


Invest in Ergonomics

Ask your employees where they feel physical pain and adapt their work environment to this. Add standing desks, wrist mice and stands. Maybe adding even a treadmill to put under the standing desks or a Swiss ball (gym ball) for employees to sit on if working seated. (Techno-Gym do this for their employees). 


Add a wellness board

Anyone is allowed to use this board for when they feel inspiration. Add lots of motivational quotes or having this as an area to doodle. 


Start a daily gratitude practice

Sending a daily gratitude email will boost morale and allow people to come to their employers with anything they feel they cant usually say. Allow people to write on the wellbeing board, their gratitude for the day or even better at the beginning of any meeting, go around the office and state one thing each person is grateful for. That's really opens up so much more conversation.


How to initiate a Wellbeing program into the workplace

Wellbeing programs have to be crafted by a qualified wellbeing professional or wellbeing manager. To do this you will need the following:  

Know Your Team

Get to know your team on a personal level. Be interested in their weekend or days off. This builds trust for them to come to you in times of need.

Assign Resources

Have different tools and techniques which the employees can use and have as their go to when they feel stressed, anxious or depressed. Using the Employee Wellbeing Solutions as a tool. Have resources dotted around the workplace and have a dedicated team member who everyone can go to. 


Communication is by far the number one reason people leave a job. Poor communication is responsible for 70% of corporate errors. Allow your employees time to communicate and give them the tools to be able to do this. Effective communication increases productivity.


81% of global recruiters believe that cross-cultural competence is the most important communication skill job candidates should have, followed by multilingualism (77%), and active listening (75%). When people feel heard and listened to, their trust within the workplace goes up and the rate of productivity increases. 

Evaluate Plans Each Month

Come together each month to evaluate and reevaluate how things are going. See what's working and what isn't within the workplace. Send out some Wellbeing question forms to gage how the workplace is feeling about things going on. This allows you to have good and bad feedback and allow the workplace to put in protocol's which are needed. 

People In Charge

Have a dedicated Wellbeing advocate throughout the levels within the company. Each wellbeing advocate will be able to gather information throughout the company. Have one overall person overseeing everything and the whole team know who this person is.

Monitoring and Evaluating Progress-
Employee Wellbeing Surveys And Optional Monthly Calls

To monitor and evaluate progress, included within the program are optional scheduled monthly calls with you as the employer or HR to see how the employees are progressing throughout the program.


Each month there are employee surveys for team members to fill out so you know where they are within the wellbeing program. This is all optional. This will result in a more productive, happier and stress free vibe within the workplace.

These surveys offer insights on corporate wellness efforts, helping you make informed choices within the workplace.

Survey Sample Questions For Reference

- Rate your physical health: Poor to Excellent 

- My mental health is good: Rate 1 - 5

- Frequency of stress reducing techniques being used: Never to Often

- My levels of stress at work feel manageable: Yes or No

- I feel equipped to mange both personal and work demands: Yes or No

- I feel comfortable speaking up and sharing my opinions: Yes or No

- When I'm stressed I know the go to tools to help me get back to a calm state: Yes or No

- The wellbeing platform the company offers has really helped me: Yes or No

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How Much Does Employee Wellbeing Solutions Cost Per Month?

Are employee wellbeing solutions or wellbeing programs worth the investment? Yes they certainly are. Especially when companies have spent out millions of £ due to loss productivity. The cost of voluntary turnover due to burnout is 15% - 20% of payroll budgets each year. That translates to up to a $322 billion cost globally in turnover and lost productivity when low wellbeing shows up as employee burnout. 


The Employee Wellbeing Solutions Program costs just £2.22 per month per employee

The Employee Wellbeing Solutions Program includes an online platform which can be accessed 24/7 365 days of the year. Which includes Movement, Meditations, EFT Tapping, Breath Work, Nutrition, Mirror Work and so much more. So sign up and save so much on sick days and have your employees work to their best protentional yet. There is a 10% discount for over 100 employees on sign up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


I'd like to discuss my employees wellbeing, who can I talk to?

You can talk to Gemma our qualified Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation facilitator either as a 1:1 or in a group setting.

I'm often overwhelmed and tired. Why is this? 
It may be a number of reasons but could be lack of quality sleep due to stress. Nervous system deregulation and overworked. By participating in the Employee Wellbeing Solutions program, you can find all the tool to help you regulate your sleep and your nervous system.

How quickly will I see results?
Many users feel more confident from the very first session, with regular practice and knowledge bringing lasting and noticeable improvements.

Is anyone available to speak to at any point?

Yes, you can email, text or phone Gemma our wellbeing facilitator.

Is set up easy?

Yes, we give you a log in and you can access straight away to get your employees the best start within the program.

Do you have a discount for multiple employees?

Yes, we do. If 100 or more sign up there is a 10% discount.

What is Holistic wellbeing?

Holistic health is an approach to wellness that simultaneously addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of health. As a field of practice, holistic medicine draws from many disciplines, religions, and cultures to heal people, communities, and even the environment.


A wellbeing platform to help grow your organisation from strength to strength

Reinvigorate your organisation using Employee Wellbeing Solutions to move your employees from burnt out to calm in a matter of minutes. 

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