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Working from home a lot these days? Then Back bends need to be your Go To....

Back bends increase the flexibility in your spine. Other benefits include releasing tension and stress in your body, especially around the neck and shoulders. It corrects your posture and massages your internal organs. It also stretches your spinal nerves and muscles. It allows the lungs to expand so you have fuller deeper breaths allowing more oxygen to flow around your blood stream. It really energises the body so if you are feeling sluggish due to lack of sleep give this a go.

Back Bend Method

1. Stand in Mountain Pose and bring your hands to wrap around your waist with fingers pointing towards your pelvis. Bend backwards slightly so there is a slight stretch in the base of your spine. Engaging your core muscles as this will protect

your spine, pulling your pelvic floor muscles up.

2. Push your pelvis forward and bring your elbows inline with your sides.

3. Stay here for five breaths. With every out breath try deepening the back bend.

4. Inhale and bring your body back up to the centre. Releasing your arms down

towards your sides. To advance this backbend raise both arms up together above your head, exhale and look up to your hands. Either having your arms shoulder width apart with palms facing or bring your palms together.

So give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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