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This is your Sunday Morning Reminder that you are worth everything you do

This is your Sunday Morning Reminder that you are worth everything you do.

You are S T R O N G

You are C O U R A G E O U S

You are Y O U

and no one can take that away from you.

Sometimes life can feel so hard when we are always rushing off to places. We have to be in two places at once or we feel we are not giving our all in everything we do because we are so exhausted.

Remember Sundays are for S E L F C A R E. We need this time to recoup, re think and relax. Our bodies will thank us for it for the coming week ahead.

Go and roll out your yoga mat and do a gentle yoga stretch for you to feel calm and relaxed and allow your thoughts to drift away allowing you to feel more connected to your intuition.

Be more intuitive with your body this week. Be quite for 10 minutes per day and really ask your body what it needs. Be more in tune with your body. Listen to it. If its hungry, let it be fuelled. You don't need to go by the 3 meals per day, if its hungry, feed it.

If your body is tired, let it rest. Go to be earlier than you would, not just wait till 10pm because that's your normal bedtime.

Listen to what it needs when your body needs it and you will have such a better week ahead.

Trust in your body, trust in your intuition and trust that you know your body better than anyone else.

You are you, you are unique.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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