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You Have 24 Hours

You Have 24 Hours To Achieve As Many Goals As You Wish, If You Don't Succeed, Your 24 Hour Clock Resets at 12 Midnight And It Starts All Over Again. Push Yourself To Achieve Them.

Now some would say 'I've run out of time' or 'There aren't enough hours in the day'. Maybe you even say that but try changing the narrative around and think that you've done all you could today and that my clock resets at 12 midnight so I can carry on with that specific task or goal again tomorrow. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day so always try to think of positive ways instead of negative ways. The more negative you are around timings, the more stressed you will be and the more you will 'run out of time'.

Make a list of all the things you have to get done today and then what you have to get done during the week. Then put them in order of priority. Also remember that you are a priority to so take some time for you to. If you have written things down they are out of your head and onto paper. That way, you can look at it in a different light.

Let me know what you will be doing with your 24 hours and leave a comment below as I would love to know, You know, I am quite nosy like that :o)

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Have a great Monday

Lots of love xxx

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