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Yesterday was a terrible afternoon...

We were supposed to be meeting some friends in the morning for a walk but as it was raining so we didn't. We did something else. We needed to pop to a supermarket to get a few bits I'd forgotten to add to the shopping order which came yesterday morning. We decided to get the children a magazine each as we don't normally do that (I cant stand the tat that comes with children's magazines) but we did and Brianna got a frozen one with some nail varnish and lip balm. (This by the way is the first time she's ever had these kinds of things, she's 3 years old) So all was good when we got back etc. They then opened their magazines and all was well.

Brianna was good with her nail varnish and even painted her own nails etc. The nail varnish then went up high out of reach (or so I thought). I few hours later it was time for chill out time (they normally will have their screen time between 3-4.30pm on a weekend, we don't have the TV on during the day unless it's at this time) Call us mean parents but from a very early age, Hugo could never compartmentalise the TV with his behaviour. If the TV was on, after watching it his behaviour would become erratic and we couldn't really control him. We figured out that it was the TV making him behave weirdly.

Anyway with the children being on their devices that allows us to have some chill time to. But as we all know with children you never ever get a break. I was trying to sit and read my magazine on my bed for my self care and chill time but no I couldn't even do that because Brianna then proceeded to get the nail varnish by getting a chair and reaching up (credit to her to think of that, she's not stupid) and then came up to the bathroom and painted the nail varnish all over the place. It was on the toilet seat, in the bath, on the bath toys, the radiator, the floor, the bath mat, the list could go on. (she was only alone for less than 5 minutes as everything has gone quiet so I needed to see what she was up to). So then for my chill time (which by the way never exists unless I'm out of the house and on my own which is hardly ever) I ended up cleaning up the bathroom.

Sometimes we have to try so hard to actually get our self care that, that might mean that we have to get up at 5.30am just to have some quiet time. I've been doing this for around a week now and I'm shattered. So that's not working either. As much as I preach self care which is an incredible thing, when you have children you need it even more.

I was talking to a friend the other day and we both agreed that the baby stage is so easy, oh my god isn't it. From aged 2 onwards that's when it gets hardest. We cant even leave her for 5 minutes on her own which then makes our chill time non existent.

So for my self care yesterday again I tried to read my magazine which I actually did. Brianna wasn't allowed on her device and she had to play with her toys sat next to me because I cant leave her out of sight. (She preceded to draw all over the walls the other day) Again I think this is a girl thing. So it seems like I am moaning about my children, I am in a way but I'm also saying that parenting is seriously hard work so you need to take time out for yourself everyday.

My self care is usually 10 minutes of yoga followed by 10 minutes of meditation every day. So as it seems like I have the perfect life, I mostly do, I love my life but sometimes I actually don't. My self care needs to be more, so take a look at your self care and see what you need to change. What would you like to be seeing or doing in your life for you to have more self care.

Self care can be anything from having a bath with candles and reading a good book or magazine, to going for a walk in nature, doing some exercise, maybe baking or chilling on your bed reading. Anything to bring you to a sense of peace and calmness.

Let me know what you will be doing for your self care Sunday by leaving a comment below and sharing this by clicking the image below. Have a lovely day my lovelies.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your self care.

Lots of love xxx


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