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Why It's Not A Good Idea To Make A New Years Resolution

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

So we're nearly in January and everyone is thinking what a year its been and now we can finally move on and look forward to another year. Sorry guys this thing is here to stay for a very long time yet, but anyway most of us will be thinking about setting a New Years Resolution and below are my reasons to not set a resolution.

Come December 31st we're always on the get fit, get healthy band wagon and guess what by 14th January our intentions to keep going with our resolutions just fails. We always set to high intentions, the goals are to great to achieve and then we get deflated because we haven't reached that target that we were aiming for on the 31st December. According to Forbes, Studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year's resolutions fail (If you would like more info the article from Forbes is here)

To me that number is huge. It really is so why do they fail? Well like I said earlier, we have unreachable goals and not enough time to achieve them. We want the results now without actually putting the work in. The way to do achieve your set goal is to break it down and achieve little things to get there. Celebrate your wins even if it is a tiny win. By doing this, we then feel good about ourselves and feel that our end goal is in reach.

Don't put a time scale on it either. This will just make it worse when the date comes up and you haven't achieved what you set out to achieve in the first place.

A way around is to write at the end of the year what you think has gone well throughout the past year, what you have achieved and what you would do differently. This then puts your mind into a completely different perspective. Then write down your goals for the year ahead. Actually create a vision board so you can visually see what you want to achieve. Do it so money is no object and you can have whatever you want. Here is a picture of mine for 2021. All of my visions for this coming year. I've got this photo saved as my desktop photo so every time I'm on my laptop I can see it. The actual board is also in my bedroom. (If I had an office, it would live on the wall in there but I don't have that luxury yet, One day I certainly will).

Set Intentions

Set Intentions as to what you would like to achieve in the year ahead. Try to visually see what your life will be like in January 2022, a whole year from now. What do you think you would have achieved? Do you want that promotion at work? Can you see yourself getting that promotion, Yes of course you can so aim for that. Do you want to write a book? (That was me 2 years ago and I achieved it this year) Do you want to more free time? Really be specific about what you want. Even if its just small like do you want a new pair of wellies or do you want more couple time and going out for dinner. Make sure you write it all down. Once you have written everything down, it then becomes clearer and more achievable as you can actually see it in front of you.

The next thing to do is sit and read it, and meditate on it or just sit and be quiet, be present with your piece of paper. Allow all these amazing ideas to process in your mind. Let go of all the negative thoughts that you cant do it, because you can and just trust in the process. All these things will come true. The main thing is to write and reflect on your year that you are now about to leave behind and really focus on your goals for 2021. Your life and your possibilities are endless. Trust in the process, trust in the universe, divine, god, whatever you want to call it. Just trust.

You are one amazing human being and we are all made of cells. Each cell is unique and the universe will always have your back, no matter what. Be unique, be you and trust.

Happy 2021.

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I hope you find this post helpful.

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