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What's Stopping You From Getting Up And Going?

Have you ever got to the point in your day, week, year or life where you just feel unmotivated to carry on? Well I did when I had the miscarriage. I felt like I'd failed at motherhood. But yours doesn't have to be so traumatic. Have a think back to when you felt unmotivated. Why did you feel this way? What triggered you to feel this way?

Of course we are all human and humans are allowed to have down time and feel unmotivated but what you don't want to do is feel that energy vibe trailing behind you and making you feel more unmotivated. So to get out of this rhythm, you need to move this energy out of its stagnant area. You also need to figure out in your head the next move of where you will be able to move forward. So to get rid of this energy, you need to move your body though yoga, dance or any kind of emotional release for example crying, screaming into a pillow or throwing something (in a safe environment). All this pent up energy and stress isn't good for the body and its telling us to slow down and find the root cause. Once this negative energy has been released, it then paves the way for your motivation to find its way back in.

You know when you move, you feel much better already even when you are 5 minutes into a run, cycle, swim or yoga. This is because the serotonin (calming hormone) is being released as well as the endorphins (happy hormone). This then clears your brain fog allowing you to think clearer. Wouldn't we want that all the time? I'm sure we do. So when we are thinking clearer, we then have a better mindset to carry on with everyday tasks or the tasks at work.

In stressful situations or environments we then have a better mindset and are motivated to move through the tough times to get to the outcome. Motivation comes from all sorts of things but if we have a good mindset even in the bad times (and yes we are allowed bad times) then we are more likely to succeed within the path we are taking.

So mindset will be to think clearer, get enough sleep, exercise, breathing exercises, meditation and journaling and nutrition. If all of these are correct, then we will be able to move though motivation quicker. If by adopting the On demand Yoga classes, you will be able to have all these things set up and ready to go for you. Its also FREE for 7 days so you can try it out and see how your motivation increases. Click HERE and let me know in the comment below what you do for motivation.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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