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What I Do For Self Care And Why You Should Do It To...

What seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment is Self Care and how much we all need it right now.

Yesterday I was sitting down reading the new copy of Women's Health Magazine (March issue) and something came up about Tarot reading. Now I've only just got into this within the last couple of months but the article was saying we should use it for Self Care. Now what better way to share with you than on Self Care Sunday. Now I know it might seem a bit woo woo for you but just hear me out. More and more people are turning to Tarot cards to help have a deeper level of self worth, self control and to have more inner guidance.

You can buy tarot cards online now for around £12. My cards are from a lady called Rebecca Campbell and her illustrations are beautiful. There's so many different ways of reading the cards. I use mine everyday just to feel like I have a little more intuition and guidance. You can ask the cards anything and whether you pick out 1,2,3 or 4 cards, each card will have its own meaning to you. You can take what you want from it.

Yesterday I asked my deck 'Please guide me in the direction of healing' because I've had hives all week and night sweats. Now I came on my bleed yesterday afternoon so the night sweats are due to that and a hormonal imbalance so that's why I got night sweats, but the hives, I'm not sure about. Think it was stress related due to not having a good day last Monday.

Anyway the card I drew from the pack came out as 'Star Mother - How can you mother yourself?' Right at the end of the advice it says 'You have got this and the Mother has got you. Let her broad arms take away your burdens; let her lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. forgive yourself, dear sweet child of Earth.

Now whatever I took from this card may be completely different from what you take from it but that's what I want to show you, is that you can take anything you want and depict it however you wish. Now yes this rings true with me as yes last Monday I had a terrible day and if you follow me on social media you will know about it but the rest of the week has been good. My skin has then broken out into Hives because of the amount of stress I have been carrying around and my body carries stress differently to others. So by pulling this card out yesterday I felt like Mother nature would look after me. Follow her signs that she is taking care of me and for me to offload all my worries to her through meditation. After doing this. I felt so amazing and so free.

Trust in you inner guidance. We are all made up of cells and energy. For thousands of years people have been doing this. Its not a new world thing at all. Years ago if you were to do this you were called a witch as you are summoning the use of the universe and energy. Its not any different now. We are still using mother nature, the universe and stars to guide us in the right direction. Some of us may have got a little lost along the way but we can change that.

Dig deep into your inner guidance and see what she brings up for you. Trust in the process, and let go.

Click HERE for a guided meditation to really feel good about yourself today.

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