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Wellbeing Through House plants

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

House plants are great to have around the house and also the office. Not only do they look nice, they actually help the air flow within the home. They take in carbon dioxide (the air we breathe out) and give off oxygen (the air we breathe in).

Add plants to your office desk for more success in your business and work life.

So much stress and tension can be felt around the home and in the office so by having indoor plants, it allows you to see greenery around which helps immediately to lower your blood pressure and heart rate as this take you back to nature. They also look lovely and calming so by having them in the bedroom you can get a sense of calmness already. Having plants in the office also reduces sickness rates, well who knew that? I didn't!

House Plants also help to reduce noise levels as the leaves absorb the noise. Isn't that interesting, another fact I didn't know about until recently.

About 10% of moisture in the air is produced by plants so this is great during the summer months when it gets really hot.

Some plants are great at clearing any unwanted odours around the house. They absorb all the nasty smells turning them into fresh clean air.

There are so many different indoor plants for you to buy or have around. Here are some of my favourites.

The Spider Plant

The Spider Plant produces oxygen whilst purifying the air in your home. It gets rid of toxins within the home by absorbing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene. Additionally, Spider Plants are non-toxic and are in fact edible, making them safe for pets and young children.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has so many amazing properties and benefits. It has a natural soothing gel inside the leaves which help to sooth sunburn, and helps cuts and grazes to heal. It can also be used for asthma when the leaves are opened and placed into boiling water.

Dragon Plant

This plant removes toxins in the air from hair sprays and deodorants so this is a food one to have in the bedroom. Plus I love the way it looks. It originated from the Canary Islands.

Kentia Palm

This lovely plant is tolerant of the indoor environment, releases copious amounts of moisture into the air, removes chemical toxins, and is also beautiful to look at. The Kentia is consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins tested. So definitely get this plant if you are unsure which one to get.

Let me know in the comments below, what indoor plants you love. I would love to know. They look great and also you can decorate them with fairy lights or put them on a shelf and decorate the shelf. I have little green Army Yoga Men. They go well on this shelf. You can mix and match what you want around your home. Just look after and care for them and you'll reap the benefits.

Below is an article from written by Amy Keller regarding the importance of learning about mould, radon, and other indoor toxins to improve their indoor air quality and how indoor plants can help with this. Click the link below.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. We'd love to know what you think.

Save this post for when you need it later. Also Christmas is coming up so you could ask for some house plants. I think they might be on my list for this year.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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