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We have 30 trillion cells within our body, that's just in one human being

I want to put something into context for you. We have 30 trillion cells within our body, that's just in one human being. Each of those cells need oxygen and fuel to function, without us so much as thinking about it. We don't even need to plan into our day how our lungs and heart work. It just does it as an involuntary movement. Isn't our body just amazing.

But we need to look after it, yes it works without us needing to think about it but it doesn't work to its full potential if we don't feed or water it. Food is fuel for our body. You wouldn't be able to drive anywhere if you didn't have fuel for your car so think about your body as a car. It needs food to function.

The same as car oil. The oil helps to lubricate the cars internal workings. If the oil dried up, the cogs and engine wouldn't work. This is the same as the human brain. We need water to keep it hydrated. If we become dehydrated our car (brain) will not be working to its full protentional and will find it harder to breathe, think clearer and not be able to function fully.

Everyday we should wake up and ask what our body needs. Ask it 'How does that tiny cell support my body?' 'What does my body need right now?' 'I will be kind to you'.

By fuelling our body with the right foods, by means of non processed, fresh fruit and vegetables, plants, meat, nuts and pulses etc, we are allowing our body to function at its highest level.

By hydrating our body with at least 2-3 litres of water per day or 10 gulps per glass each time we drink, we are lubricating our whole body systems including the brain which is the 3rd largest organ in the body. (Can anyone name the first largest organ in the body- Write it below in the comments). By keeping this hydrated, it allows us to think clearer, allows the blood to flow easier around the body, allows the heart to function better and allows the toxins to flow out releasing all the bits we no longer need.

Fuel (food) and water is needed for the body to function correctly. Let me know in the comments below what you do to keep your body functioning.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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