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Tune In Tuesday

Lets talk about Intuition. Now those of you who are thinking Whattttttt is she talking about, I don't know what intuition means. Well let me guide you into this amazing world of using your inner guidance, your instinct (Intuition means Instinct) and for you to feel fully alive and for you to believe in yourself.

Now I know this all might sound a bit to spiritual for you all but let me tell you, you can choose to embrace it and use it or you can choose to ignore it. Whatever is going on in your life right now your body, your mind and your soul are the best answers for anything. If you are feeling like you don't belong anywhere or you feel that there is to much going on in your life which is out of control, you can come back to your inner guidance. She will always be there for you. You just need to trust. Trust your gut instinct. If you're feeling like you are at a cross roads with your life or need some guidance with asking a question, go inside yourself and ask it.

Find a quite place to sit, relax your shoulders, relax the body, relax your face, keep your jaw soft and allow your eyes to gently close. Breathe. Now place a hand on your chest, feeling your heart beat. Breathe. Now go deeper and ask yourself a question. It can be anything. Notice how your body responds. Do you feel tense, alive, has your breathing increased? Let all those thoughts come to you. You will find your answers deep within. This is gut instinct. Come out of your relaxed state, journal your thoughts and carry on with your day knowing you have the answer right there.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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