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Three Reasons To Switch Off

At any given point in our day we can feel stressed or anxious depending on what is going on right now in our lives.

I am sure you can tell me at least one thing that has happened to you today to make you feel stressed, anxious or a little bit uneasy.

So we need to get our fight or flight responses down and we do this by allowing ourselves to switch off.

1. Turn off your devices at least 2 hours before you go to bed - The blue light being emitted through the screen stops your brain from switching off. This then makes you tired and restless because your brain is still trying to function.

2. Go outside and get fresh air - This allows your mind to switch off. It allows your lungs to get more fresh oxygen, which in turn allows your blood cells to activate allowing your brain to function better because it is fully oxygenated. This then makes you work better and produce better quality work.

3. Stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. This is making you feel anxious even when you aren't checking it. Subconsciously you are waiting for that text or email and your mind cant switch off. Check your mind and your mindset before you check your phone. Do you really need to check your phone again. If you are going out for a walk or collecting the kids from school, maybe don't take your phone, leave it at home. Then you wont feel anxious that you aren't going to check it.

Let me know in the comments below if this resonated with you. Save it for when you need it again or just to be nudged on needing to be switched off.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx


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