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The Secret To Motivation

Motivation is something which comes up a lot with my clients. What makes you motivated? Then what is it that makes you unmotivated?

Sometimes its just because of our monthly cycle or we have eaten a high sugary food that makes us less motivated to do something. Its all in the mind.

The mind plays a huge part in how you feel everyday. You might be scrolling through social media and think 'oh that looks good' or 'I could do that' or 'She looks happy', so then that gives you the inspiration to try something and then you are motivated to do that certain thing to see how you feel. The most important part of this is the action. If you don't take action on the thing that inspired us in the first place then that's all it will be. A thought and nothing else.

If you find someone who inspires you, then contact them to say 'Do you know what, you inspire me, I've now taken the steps you said about for... and now I am doing it myself and I feel amazing'.

When you start to feel unmotivated, journal your thoughts or Meditate. Ask in meditation what it is that you are calling in. What is it that you most desire. It can be anything and ask the universe to guide you to that space. Use your intuition, its amazing. That's what keeps me motivated everyday and to keep calling in my desires. You to can have what I have if you just trust your intuition. Its magic.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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