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Brianna my daughter is potty training at night now. She's going to be 4 tomorrow and she's been out of nappies during the day since she was 2 so now we are going the full hog and getting her out of nappies during the night. Its been two nights now and she's been wet throughout the night but with perseverance and learning she will do it. It took Hugo 10 days to be completely dry at night so maybe she will be the same in 10 days. It just takes a lot of learning so what I am saying is if you want to change something in your life, it takes time. You cant just think it'll change if I just do one thing once and it will heal you. You have to learn over time to change things.

If you want to change your diet for you to feel better and stop feeling sluggish then you have to really commit to changing your diet by eating a balanced diet. If you want to clear your mind by doing meditation, it wont just work once, you have to keep going back to it and eventually you will be able to close off your thoughts and really connect to your mind and soul. This takes time and a lot of learning. The first time I tried meditation, it took me a few months to really connect with my mind. It was hard, I mean really hard. But if you want something badly enough you will keep learning and getting better until it actually happens and you get the end result.

If you are wanting to heal, there is so much to learn, again you cant just forget and try to push it aside, you need to learn how to deal with your thoughts and feelings by journaling or using meditation. This again will take a lot of learning but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Its just learning to persevere and learn new ways for your brain to rewire itself for the better. Remember it takes 21 days for your brain to form a habit, that's quite a long time but if you really want something then you will get it.

Using the power of your mind really sets you up for achievement and not fail. Of course you will be have bad days and that's ok as we are all human and nothing ever goes to plan how you want it. But again perseverance will always pay off. I know while writing me book which took me two years I kept writing bits and then putting it down for a few weeks maybe even months sometimes and then coming back to it. At one stage I just wanted to chuck the whole thing in but I thought no this is a dream of mine to write a book so came back to it when I felt the time was right. When you do come back to something that you know you want to do so badly in your life, you then have a better understanding and drive for it to happen. Your brain is rewired and you come from it at a different angle which then makes you want to carry on. So if you ever get to that point, know that you are held by your guides, you just need to tap into them and they will be with you, guiding you to a better place, knowing how you have dealt with the hard times. Again its all about perseverance and learning. You will get there, I know you will.

It also takes courage for you to get out of your comfort zone and start to heal or start to go a different path or journey that the one you are on right now. I know you can do this, So stick with it, whatever it is that you want.

Let me know what you or where you are going in life by leaving a comment below as I'd love to be part of it and guide you through the tough times. We are in the together. Trust me, being guided by your own spirit guides is just the best thing and mine is my grandad. I feel his presence all around me and I know he is guiding me and making me learn all the time.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx


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