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Self Happiness

I was soooooo excited yesterday as I actually went to a Yoga Class for myself. I wasn't teaching, I wasn't guiding, I was actually being a yogi being taught and it felt soooo good. It was a Strength and Stretch Yoga class taught by a friend and it was amazing. I pushed myself hard and this I usually cannot do when I am teaching. So what I am saying is that when you do something new or do something for yourself, go in and go hard. You will really reap the benefits almost straight away.

We tend to stay in our comfort zones and every now and again it is really good to push past your boundaries or your self beliefs. You will find you have more inner strength than you can ever imagine. In that yoga class yesterday, I was sweating, like really sweating and I felt great. It released the Endorphins (happy hormone), Serotonin (calming hormone) and decreases the Cortisol (stress hormone) so go and do this push past your comfort zone and find your self happiness. Trust me, I know you will.

A friend said to me they just started going to a yoga class and said 'it was good but really hard, its amazing the strength you need to do it' and this is certainly one of the yoga stats that people think yoga isn't hard but actually it really is a challenge, even Yin Yoga can be a challenge for some people. But its not just a physical challenge, it can be a mental challenge to and this is exactly what people need to do. They need to come to yoga and mentally and physically challenge their body and mind. Now yoga isn't a competitive exercise whatsoever so you need to come into it with an open mind and be really open to the feelings in your body and mind to come up. Don't be scared. Start to take action for you. Start to have a fuller glass instead of an empty glass. The more we do this, the more Self Happiness we start to have.

Let me know in the comments below what you do for your Self Happiness. I would love to know.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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