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Self Care Sunday Reminders

Today is Sunday and on Sundays we relax.

Today is a day to really think of yourself and have some time to yourself by doing some self care. Taking time for yourself really allows your body to recoup and rest and bring it back to its healthy self. We often forget when we are so busy to actually take notice of what our body is telling us. How it feels and if something is wrong, we tend to over look it and just carry on getting through the day. But today I want you to really listen your body. Our bodies are one amazing creation and when we are living in harmony with it, that's when the magic starts to happen.

So take a moment during your day to:

- Rest - Go and have a nap on your bed or relax in the garden.

- Have a go at Legs Up The Wall Pose - This pose is really good for getting all the nutrients and blood flow back to your internal organs. Get your pelvis as close to the wall as possible and shimmy your legs up, allow hands and arms to rest wherever is comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe. This is such a great restorative pose.

- Breathe - I know it sounds stupid because we do this without even thinking about it but really turn into your breath and notice how you feel when you really draw the breath up and into your lungs. You'll feel refreshed and calm.

- Get Fresh Air and Vitamin D - This is amazing at really allowing your body to connect with nature. We often forget to just go and find our answers in nature, but they are there. Trust me.

- Read A Book - Have you been wanting to read a book for ages and keep forgetting or putting it off? Go and do it today. Take an hour out and just read. You'll be able to loose yourself in this amazing world of books.

- Listen To The Sounds Of Nature - Get out in the wild and just listen. Close your eyes and listen. Our answers are always found in nature. Nature is truly our biggest healer.

- Eat The Right Foods To Nourish Your Body - Eat fresh fruit and vegetables to really feel good and nourish your body with the right foods and not processed. The more sugar and additives we have, the worse our bodies feel which in turn then makes us grumpy and less able to do things so stick to a fresher diet or fresh fruit and vegetables.

- Listen To Your Body And Give It What It Wants - Our intuition is the most amazing guide in our bodies and we all have access to it whenever we want, we just have to tune into it. Sit quietly and meditate for 10 minutes or more. Ask what you body wants and it will tell you. That's where the magic really happens.

Let me know what you will be doing today for your self care by leaving a comment below. I know its hard and I am one for this, I never used to do any form of self care as I 'Didn't have time' but I now know that its the best form of medicine available to us whenever we need it.

If you found this post helpful then please share by clicking the image below.

Have a great day.

Lots of love xxxx


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