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Pod Elevate Your Day Pod Experience

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Oh my word well I have just got back from an amazing experience in the Pod in the famous Brighton Lanes. This whole experience transports you to another world. I walked in there and there are 3 Massage Pods all very tastefully separated via large dividers with green plants draping off the dividers. This gives a sense of real calmness to the pod home. Alex the Pod mother is very friendly, inviting and calm. She has a lot of knowledge in her area of expertise. Sammy is another member of staff who also knows a great deal. Both are very friendly and approachable. These pods are the first in the UK and are incredible.

Alex showed me the pods and showed me the different programs there are to choose from. I had a Limbo Therapy which was a massage technique used to target the lower spine, glutes, thighs and pelvis. There are other ones which target different areas and have different intensities. There are 9 programs to choose from in total all of which target different areas of the body.

The Pod itself is like no other experience out there. It is amazing. As an animal lover I was pleased to hear that the Pod chairs are made out of PU Leather which is animal friendly.

I went in there with pain in my left hip and for a Yoga teacher obviously that isn't great but after 20 minutes of being in the pod, I came out feeling lighter, more refreshed and the pain had gone. I was born with Hip Dysplasia (shallow hip joints) and my knees turn inwards due to this so I have bowed legs. Hence the pain in my left hip. Yoga has certainly helped with this issue but this experience is even better.

Alex explains how the pod works and how where I will start to feel things happening. This is an all over body massage fully clothed only removing your shoes and coat. So no need to undress and be all oiled up. The actual pod has roller balls which massage all over the body depending on what program you choose. This is all done remotely via an app on the system. Alex instructed me to lay back in the pod and the body sensors will do all the bits for you. I could feel the roller balls around me feet, back, arms and head all measuring my body and where they need to be placed. My arms went inside the sides of the chair but are fully accessible if you need to move. I laid back and let the balls do their thing. Alex gave me a head set and she put on very relaxing calming music for me to listen to and lose myself in the experience. This is a wireless headset so no wires for you to get tangled up in. She set the program up and left me to it. She said about how and what you would be feeling. The pressure and intensity were just right for me. While it was scanning my body and setting itself up, I could feel the roller balls right on my glutes and right on my back rolling all the way up my spine. A very weird but good sensation.

So I was laying there for 20 minutes, the program runs for 20 minutes. This was just such an amazing experience. It was constantly on my feet, gentle at first then pressure which was nice pressure. This was really hitting all the points on my feet just like in reflexology. The balls were moving around my pelvis and lower back and the feeling was just like an actual person using their thumbs to relieve any knots in those particular areas. The warming of the pod is actually really nice like you are laying on a warm towel in a massage room. You can feel the roller balls really doing their thing. There are also air sacks around your body inflating and deflating as the rollers move around. This recreates the pressure and feeling of a human hand massaging in all areas. Especially around the arms and the hands. It was like someone actually massaging from the shoulder all the way down through the forearm and to the fingertips applying gentle pressure where it was needed.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to a world far away to my happy place, just listening to the waves from the sound of the headphones and feeling completely relaxed while the rest of the world just gets on with their day.

The 20 minutes went really quickly and it certainly felt like I had, had a 1 hour massage. This was an amazing experience and I think I will be getting my family gift vouchers for the Pod for presents for the foreseeable future.

If you are ever in Brighton, go check out Pod Elevate Your Well being and go and give it a try. Highly highly recommended. Absolutely love the idea and concept. I will definitely be back. Thank you Alex and Sammy.

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