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P.S I'm Not Nosey...

I reckon that you have at least some on these on the list... Tell me if I'm wrong though as I like to always know. (Ps I'm not nosey)

- Stress

- Shallow Breathing (due to anxiousness or stress)

- High heart rate

- Flexibility non existent

- Cant concentrate

- Low energy

- Overweight

- Not happy with life...

The list is endless and I'm sure you want to change that especially if you are feeling one of these symptoms above. Did you know what you only need to move your body for 30 minutes a day 3 times per week to see some phenomenal benefits.

Now you might be thinking well I’m not into yoga. It wont work for me. Yes that’s true but you do not know if it will make you feel good or make you feel better until you try. You also may be thinking how can yoga help me? Well by bringing a simple method of yoga and meditation into your everyday life you can help your body to:

-Relieve Stress (This is a big one)

- Improve Breathing

- Ease Pain

- Improve Circulation

- Increase Strength

- Increase Endurance

- Lower your Heart Rate

- Lengthen Muscles

- Increase Flexibility

- Improve Concentration

- Increase Range of Motion

- Enhance Energy

- Detox the Body

- Strengthen the Abdomen

- Burn Fat

- Improve Posture

- Build Immune System

- Improve Balance

Wow now isn't that incredible. Look at all these amazing benefits to yoga and how it will make you feel. I'm sure you want to feel at least 5 on here. If you wanted to try out yoga for FREE then click HERE. Oh Did I Just Say FREE, Yes That's Right FREE.

Did you also know that today in the West, Yoga is largely dominated by women. However, up until 1937 it was a male-only practice. Now I found that's a really interesting fact and one that I am going to look into more because I wonder why women didn't practice it up until then and now it seems to be the other way around especially in the West. Its still largely dominated male in the East.

Did you also know that up to 460,000 Brits are taking part in yoga classes each week. That's a huge number and one I am sure you want to be part of.

Sorry I'm going on about facts again but it just goes to show how amazing yoga actually is for you. Let me know what you do for your exercise or if you want to try out yoga by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have tried yoga but are still not sure about it click HERE to access another blog post about the Myth Busters of yoga because I'm sure you have got a few questions about it.

Just think you can have the amazing feeling of life, you can have the amazing feeling of no stress and you can feel 100% better just by moving your body for 30 minutes per day 3 times per week. Now isn't that amazing. This is due to the endorphins moving around your body and making you feel 100% better.

If you have found this post helpful then please share by clicking the image below.

Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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