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New Moon 12th April 2021

Tonight is a New Moon in the lunar calendar and anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with the moon phases and each one is incredible.

Ooh I love New Moons. New Moons happen when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. This means that the moon is right in the centre of our vision from earth. A new moon is the time to manifest anything you want. Get creative, get real and let your desires take over.

Fittingly, new moons offer up a shot at getting clear on long-term intentions, goals, and big-picture projects. In order to "seal the deal," try meditation, journalling, lighting a candle, or doing a visualisation practice. This is the best time to call in your desires.

This months new moon is in Aries and is here to help you be more honest with your partner so call in your desires. It is also bringing in some really strong energies so set your intentions high. Use this energy to start something new and bring something fresh into your life. What are you calling in? If its a new relationship or sorting out your relationship then get romantic. Know that this new moon energy is here for you to stand strong and sort out your feelings once and for all. Be clear in what you want but also allow your partner to talk and allow their feelings into your energies to. Don't shoot them down just yet. Whatever it is let go and enjoy this new moon.

Let me know what you are calling in, by leaving a comment below. You never know, I might even try out what you are doing.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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