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Who Or What Is Triggering You?

The filter of our own experience is how we experience life 90% of the time. Through our own projections. When someone reminds us of an unhealed experience, we get triggered. Often its an unconscious thing.

People and situations can trigger our mirrors to reflect back to us what we believe to be true about life, the Universe, and ourselves. Mirrors pointing to our shadow and our light. Mirrors revealing the parts of us that are yet to be accepted, witnessed, or loved.

Who is triggering you?

What is it in you that they are triggering?

What part of you longs to be witnessed?

This Oracle card came up yesterday in my meditation. I asked what would I get excited about to write about and this came up. At first I was thinking what am I supposed to write about this but deep down something inside me triggered and it was because of this and the universe that I pulled out that card and for me to help those who need it. I was guided to help those people.

Has something bad happened to you in your past that you thought you had got over it, but sub consciously haven't. For me and my story, I had a miscarriage in 2012. I thought I have got over it but sometimes things come up and then I am reminded about it again. I know at that time I was very matter of fact about it and I put it into a nature scenario (that comes from the years of veterinary medicine) that in the wild, nature gets rid of a very disabled being because it wasn't right for the world. By doing that, that helped me heal and work though all the negative thoughts that had just come up. I then went on to have 2 healthy beautiful children, but when I am asked about it, it still triggers a loss in me. I am totally fine now. I lost my baby at 6 weeks but didn't find out till the 12 week scan. So to me it only just had a heart beat. People experience massive tragedy and loss and mine wasn't that bad compared to others. So I use my experience of loss in a good way, to teach others that you can heal from a bad experience no matter what has happened. Its all about training the mind.

Its only you who can help yourself and want to be helped. No one else can save you if you don't feel that the time is right. When the time is right people will help you in whatever way they can. Talking is a huge area which will help as well as mediation, yoga, self help and other things people try.

Have a go, notice what is the mirror in you that is being triggered and figure out how to deal with it. Only you can figure that out.

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Have a great day, take care,

lots of love xxxx


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