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January is all about Get A Balanced Life Month

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

So what do we mean about a balanced life. Well here is the thing, we all want a balanced life but we certainly don't seem to have that right now. We either feel to tired because of to much work or to much home schooling or trying to juggle work and life or we feel like we are just tired of being tired. Does this sound familiar?

January is all about trying to find that work life balance and knowing what you want from life. Using your intuition is an amazing way to really know what you need and want from your boy and your life. Its magic. Now you can call me a bit whoo whoo but a person who uses their inner guidance, will really reap the benefits of how to help yourself in this ever changing world. Sit down in a quiet area of your home and close your eyes. Take in 3 big deep breaths and allow the energy to flow through your body. Ask yourself how can your inner guidance help you right now. Listen to your body and let it answer. Really try to think what you are not happy with right now and ask this question again. As if by magic, you will be able to use your inner guidance to find the answers.

Maybe you would like a better diet as January seems to be where we leave the last year behind us and really focus on new beginnings. That's great, so look at your diet and see where you can change or switch things up a bit. Make little changes, for example swap a tea spoonful of sugar for a drizzle of honey in your tea or swap white bread to wholemeal or sourdough. You need to make little changes each day to then become one big change.

Or do you want to be a little happier in life. Ask your inner guidance how you can feel better. The power of your body and mind is incredible.

Believe, Trust and use your guidance.

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