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Its All About Balance

Sometimes we get caught up in things that we cant seem to stop thinking about or doing. This then overrides our thought processes and we cant seem to see past the stresses or that particular situation.

Bring back our thoughts to the present. Its all about balance. We need to learn to bring a sense of balance back into our lives.

Go and find mother nature, she knows all the answers. Fresh air, the wind in our hair, the rain on our face, the sun on our body, the fog droplets all around us. This makes us one and she can calm us down. She brings a sense of calmness back into our lives. You immediately start to feel better just by being in her company. This is because we are all energies and mother nature is a true form of that. Just look at what she can do. Volcano's erupt and this creates new land masses. Rivers burst and flood the local areas, this is her way or getting rid of things she now longer needs. Lightening strikes turn into bush fires, this then creates new life all around. Mother nature knows what she is doing. She has the right balance and has done since the beginning of time.

Lets use this to find our balance in life. Let me know what kind of balance you need by liking this post and commenting below. I would love to know.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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