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It's Time For YOU...

Sundays are all about Self Care and for you to really feel like you need to connect back to yourself. Do you feel like you've lost your way a little? Use this day to connect back to who you are. Say to your partner, I'm having some 'Me Time'. Let someone else take care of the children (if you have children) for an hour and take back some time to yourself.

I was always one to just carry on and never really take any time but its only just been in this last year that I have. Maybe its because our children are slightly older now (7 and 3) and can do things on their own. For the past 3 years, I've felt like I've had to be around 24/7 for our youngest. But then sometimes you need your time to. The saying goes, you cant drink from an empty cup. This is very true. The more you see that, the more you need to have some time to yourself. Its not being selfish, its called Self Love.

Take this morning, Yesterday I said to my husband, I'm going for a cycle ride in the morning early. Its not about asking even, its about having the confidence to say right I'm going to do this and you cant stop me. In relationships there has to be a bit of give and take and that's how I think we have such a successful marriage. We are honest and open with each other. We know each other inside out and I think this helps. We will always say what is bothering us when something has done. Now I know a lot of relationships aren't as fortunate as mine but please have the confidence to be yourself and do what you want to do. This comes back to self care again. You cant pour from an empty cup and when things get tough in life (no matter what they are) you need to go inside of yourself, pull out the strength and get through whatever it is that life is throwing at you.

So today, I want you to take some time out from your day and have some 'Me time'. This can be doing whatever. Maybe reading a book that you have wanted to finish for ages or going for that cycle ride or even just taking 5 minutes out of your day to sit quietly and listen to your surroundings.

On my cycle ride this morning, there was such an abundance of wildlife, It was just beautiful. Then I turned a corner and right ahead of me was the full moon, huge in the sky in front of me. Just incredible and so beautiful. I just kept looking at it, gazing up at it, taking it all in. Just feeling at one with nature and the universe. It was just such a beautiful sight and I wouldn't have seen that, had I not been on my own and been at home.

So take time out today and really feel connected to yourself and your own human. Take care of yourself.

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Have a Great Self Care Sunday.

Lots of Love xxx


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