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It's Never To Late...

Now I hear you when you say 'I can't do this because I'm scared' or I can't do this because I've hurt my back' or 'I don't feel like it today, can we do another day'. Do you know what I'm talking about? If you've hurt yourself it you are feeling anxious to go and do something which is way out of your comfort zone. Do you know what, I've been there to. I know exactly what that means.

I remember when I had just gone into year 7, (aged 11) we had sport and health week and I hated change, I hated moving from primary school to secondary school but obviously I had to do it. I didn't like being the smallest in the school and everything was new to me. But during this sport week, there were a lot of different activities on offer, one of which was abseiling down a cliff 164f high.

So I went off on the mini bus with other year groups on my own with out any of my friends because they didn't want to do it. We got there and I looked over. That was the most scariest part. Then donned the hard hat, got harnessed up and stood and waited for my turn. Waiting was one of the hardest things. Knowing my turn was coming very soon. I could have backed out, of course I could but it then got to my turn and I had to step backwards, placing my feet on the edge of the cliff and leaning backwards, trusting in the process and trusting my teacher that nothing was going to happen to me. So many thoughts were going through my mind but the time had come to go for it.

Little by little, I edged over and as I got the feel of it, I got a little faster. I actually started enjoying it. I was bouncing down still feeling scared but actually a little piece of me was actually enjoying it. I didn't look down, I kept looking up. Then my glove got stuck in the carabiner, I tried to pull and it got wedged even more. I panicked but the teacher at the top shouted down to not panic. I composed myself, pulled myself up slightly higher, released my glove and carried on. When I got to the bottom I was so happy with myself that I went outside of my comfort zone and achieved something I never thought I could do. Yes of course it was scary but if nothing challenges you, you won't move forward with your life.

So take my story and put it into your life. What are you facing at the moment which is making you doubt yourself? Why do you feel this way? Think of that 11 year old girl, she found the courage from somewhere to throw herself off a 164f cliff and achieve that task she'd been set.

Now I know I bang on a lot about being outside in nature but truly nature is our biggest healer. Remember I was on that cliff top overlooking the sea, a huge void below me, yet I remember looking out to the big wide blue ocean and finding something deep within me to take that leap of faith, to know that I was safe, to know that I couldn't get hurt and that I should just trust in the process. Find the answers in nature.

Have you noticed in the last couple of days, the amount of rainbows around. Yesterday we saw 3. So pretty, so amazing and something that nature created. Look at all the colours of the rainbow, look at how the light, the rain and the sun all create this amazing feat. Nature is just incredible and when you see a rainbow it lights you up because we don't see them that often. The symbol of a rainbow means faith and hope. Like I had when I abseiled off the cliff. I had faith and hope that all was going to be ok and it was. So next time you see a rainbow, trust that all will be ok and that you will find faith and hope in whatever struggle you are dealing with in your life right now.

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Lots of love xxx

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