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Intuitive Guidance

I've been thinking a lot recently that the way I run my business and my life is totally guided by using my intuitive guidance. We all have it within us to use it and that's what its there for, to help us along our journey's. Now if you are just starting out on your healing journey or your journey to self discovery, then using your intuitive guidance will really allow you to hone in on what it is that you are wanting from life and what you are calling in.

Are you using your intuitive guidance to really allow yourself to be you? Or are you not even aware it exists, because for you, it might not have shown itself just yet. Have you ever listened to your body and thought why have I got a headache or my period cramps are really bad today? By just thinking about this, you are automatically using your intuition to let your brain know that something is wrong. Or have you ever been in a situation where you think something isn't quite right, it doesn't feel quite right and you just have this gut feeling its not what you thought it was. That is intuition.

As women, we should use this guidance for us to feel amazing. To get rid of headaches, to get rid of pain within our body, to get rid of thoughts and feelings which no longer serve us. So you might be thinking well how do I use this guidance? Well last year I had a very near car crash. It was around 5.30pm and I was pulling out of my road where I live to collect my daughter from nursery. It was a very wet dark evening and I was at the junction of my road pulling out onto a main road. I couldn't really see as it was absolutely hammering it down with rain and the spray from the cars was immense. There was a car indicating to turn left into my road so I pulled out, this car was obviously not turning (he'd just forgotten to turn his indicator off) so I pulled out, his car was literally 1 inch from my drivers door. He managed to use his breaks and I really don't know how he did but he did and I truly believe my intuitive guides (especially my grandad who died coming up 3 years in August) was there to save me. People who are spiritually minded know that there are people who have passed who become your intuitive guides. Their spirit is within you. Only up until a couple of years ago I was never really into being spiritual at all. I thought it was all woo woo and you probably do to. But if you do start to channel your thoughts and truly believe that someone close to you is there right beside you, then you will always be held by your guides. They are always there for you no matter what. I truly believe that my grandad was there that day to save me. He knew that I needed help and he helped me.

So you are probably asking me how do I use my intuition? Well to start with sit quietly with yourself or lay down. You don't want to be in a state of sleep, you want to be in a state of stillness. Close your eyes, push your shoulders down away from yours ears and soften through your jaw. Let your whole body relax. Slowly allow your mind to relax allowing your mind to focus on your breath. If your mind starts to wander, bring it back to the breath. Notice how you are feeling. Start to notice the tingling sensation within your body. Notice if your palms are starting to feel warm and notice how you are feeling right in this moment. Start to allow your mind to adjust and be free. Ask the universe for help. Say to yourself either out loud or in your mind 'Dear universe please help me with...' 'I am grateful for your help and I know that you are with me guiding me to where I need to be' 'I trust that you are guiding me on the right path and I know you will always be there for me whenever I need you'. When you say this outload it then resonates more and you will always be guided.

By allowing your guides into your body, it allows you to heal so much quicker. I mean healing either physically if you have back issues or headaches a lot for example but also healing from inside. Have you been though a trauma or been mentally hurt in some way? I suffered a miscarriage is 2012 and I thought I had healed from it years ago but things keep popping up so actually I am still on my healing journey and that's ok. You don't need to be healed to start doing this. Know that your guides have got your back and always will have. What trauma have you been though before? I would love to know if you want to tell me (you don't have to I not nosey) so please leave a comment below. Also I have a free guided meditation for you to really tune into your guidance, just click below to download it.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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