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Intuition and Meditation

I've been reading a book lately which is all about Intuition. Now you might think this is to spiritual for me and I don't like it or you might be curious as to what it is. Intuition is used even when you aren't really thinking about it. You use it for everyday activities as well as using it for when you feel you need a bit more guidance or help with something. It can be used for your relationships for you have have a better more loving and caring relationship. It can be used in your work space and to help guide you in the right direction for you to have to better more clearer understanding of how things work. It can be used for the Law Of Attraction and for you to manifest anything you want for you to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

Sometimes life gets in the way of us being able to really connect with ourselves and for us to connect on a spiritual level. Why don't you give it a try and be open to receive the endless possibilities which will come your way if you just let them in and don't close them off.

Meditation is huge at letting things in and for you to put anything out into the world. You need to have intuition, guidance, trust and letting go for you to be able to do this. Have you heard for Insight Timer? Its a FREE meditation app which is just incredible. There are so many teachers on there but also so many different meditations. I am on there teaching meditations and I am so excited. Go check it out when you get time. You can also find the FREE meditations over on the On Demand Yoga Classes.

Meditation can really help you channel your inner thoughts into different avenues, allowing you to have a clearer mind. Just by doing this, you will get rid of brain fog and be able to see clearer. I make sure I do it everyday. Try to set an achievable goal which you know you can stick to. If you over commit, you will be anxious that you aren't making that commitment to yourself. Try meditating 5 times per week and see how you get on.

Let me know in the comments below, why you don't think meditation is for you? I'd love to know.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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