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Imrama - Where Are You Being Called To Journey To?

Whether you are spiritual or not, you must have had deja vu at some point in your life. I get it quite often now where a real sense of actual being in that situation before. Let me know in the comments what your last deja vu moment was. It can mean a number of things, that you have already experienced something similar in a similar situation or that your soul has experienced this in another time. I love how this all connects with our soul guidance and where we should be going. We need to go inward and find ourselves. We need to go on a journey of self discovery to really find out why we are getting deja vu.

Another reason we do this is that our soul wants us to go on a different journey. It knows that there are better things waiting for us, we just need to let go of our life now, and find it. Do you feel that there is a yearning for you to go and climb a mountain or to get lost in a forest full of pine trees? Is there a calling that you need to go and visit an ancient city where your soul may have originally come from and wants to take a visit back there to show you. Now is the time to do.

I have always been fascinated by the 1800's 1900's and 1920's. I'm not sure why, but feel a strong connection there. Also I'm really fascinated with the World War 2 and the air planes. Again something odd to me but my soul likes it and maybe that's why I am interested in it. We went to Chartwell in the summer (Winston Churchill's home) and I was fascinated by just being there. Again I obviously have a deeper connection to World War 2 that I realise.

But what I am saying is what do you want to get out of your life now? Can you truly hand on heart tell me you are happy with your life? Can you tell me that you are happy to be alive right now? I am because I love my life and everything that I have strived to get, I have achieved. But what is stopping you right now from having that. Let me know in the comments below as I would love to know.

I want you to sit with this for a moment. Ask yourself 'Am I happy in my life right now?' If the answer is yes and you get a weird tingling sensation then yes you are on the path to being happy. If other thoughts come up and they are more negative ones, then try to figure out what it is that your body is telling you. Go inward. Ask some more questions and you will find the answers. Trust me, its magic this stuff and it works. Let you soul on a journey of discovery and you will learn a lot. Go climb that mountain, go write that book. We aren't on this planet for very long, so go do it before your time runs out.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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