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How You Can Have a Happy Week Starting With Your Monday

On a Sunday evening, I bet you always dread the thought of a Monday morning and I know where you are coming from, I did to. But there is a way to fix that. Instead of thinking 'I am dreading tomorrow because of this, this and this', try to put in into a different perspective and say 'No matter what tomorrow will bring, I will be ok, I can handle it'. The more you change the way you think about things, the better as this will then eventually change your mindset. A little each day is more achievable than a big thing you may do once or twice and then cant be bothered, like the new years resolutions, they go out the window by mid January. So lets make a pact together that you will say this saying to yourself once a day and by mid week, you will start to see your mindset change. Write this on your mirror so each morning when you wake up you will be in a better place.

The other way to help yourself is to move. Stretch each morning for 1-5 minutes or more if you wanted to. Self care means stretching to. The m ore you do this, the more you will have a fuller cup instead of half empty or empty. Its not a selfish thing to do. Again its changing your mindset to think a different way.

Don't have a To - Do list as long as your arm. Try to put it into order of importance and say do 3 things off your to do list per day. This will make your to do list easier to accomplish as you will not be stressing. What is the most important on your list and put it at the top. Once you've done that, celebrate it by taking 5 minutes out, go for a walk, go chat to a friend and then once you've done that, get back to the next most important job on your list. Do not over work yourself because if you are a caregiver then you will be struggling for the rest of your day. Or anything else for that matter. Do not over commit. You will start to have burnout and not be able to function at all.

So to summarise - Say to yourself kind thoughts 'No matter what tomorrow will bring, I will be ok'. And move, do some yoga, go for a walk, stretch.

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