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How Journaling Saved Me After A Miscarriage

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Have you ever had so many thoughts in your head that you just need to get rid of them as you think your head may explode? I have. I've never been one to write down my feelings but throughout my yoga journey I have found a way to release all my thoughts out and put them onto paper.

For some of you though, writing might not just cut it. That doesn't matter. You can use the mic on your phone just to blurt out your thoughts. That way, they are stored elsewhere and not clogging up your mind. Sometimes too many thoughts make you feel tense, stressed and snappy. Do you ever feel like that? Journaling is a way getting you thoughts working through them and allowing your mind to finally switch off.

I was never really one to write a diary in my teens. All my friends did and I thought that's a bit stupid but now I think it's an amazing idea.

Back in 2012 I suffered a miscarriage and this then lead me to journal all my thoughts and get them out of my head and onto paper. It didn't matter who I spoke to, my journal was always there so I could just write and write pouring my heart out to my pen and paper. This then lead me to put this into my Yoga Coaching Program.

I researched it and came across everyday questions to ask myself. This really helped with my thoughts and how to deal with them. This is a good way also in these uncertain times to journal your thoughts of how you are feeling and how the current situation is affecting you.

So I went out and brought a really nice journal. One that every time I pick it up, it gives me inspiration to write my thoughts, my mantras for the day and also to manifest my thoughts before I go to bed. Having something you feel will help you overcome your fears will allow your mind to fully engage and stop negative thoughts.

You don't have to sit there for hours writing away, just 5 minutes a day to really pour your heart and thoughts into is all you need. Any more than that and your mind will start to wander on the next task in hand.

Journaling is a great way to write down any negative thoughts and release them from your mind. It maybe that your hormones are all over the place and this is a good way to let them out. If you have had a really bad day at work or the children have been stressing you out, then grab your journal and write. This is a healthy way to express yourself.

If you've got a 'To Do' list the length of your arm then journaling is another way to help you with each and every task. You can start by writing them all down and then prioritise which ones you need to do first. This will help keep you calm and in control.

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