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Have You Got Ants In Your Pants?

Back in 2006 I was so stressed out through my job as a veterinary nurse that my hair was falling out. I was stressed and anxious and didn't know how to cope so I came home one day during that year and decided my husband and I needed time away to completely recharge and connect back together and get rid of all the stress and anxiety we'd been through with our jobs. It was during our time in Thailand that I found yoga and to this day it has helped me through times of stress and anxiety through learning how to cope with breathing exercises, movement, nutrition, journaling and so much more.

Anxiety can show itself in so many ways and I am sure you experience it once a week or even more often than that. Let me know in the comments below what makes you anxious about something. It could be something small to to other people but to you its huge. Anxiety could manifest itself through your hair falling out, insomnia, not eating, waking up in the middle of the night, over scratching an area of your body, over eating sugary processed foods, nauseous, snappy or many other symptoms which I haven't mentioned here.

For me though, yoga has seriously made me a better person. I didn't really know how bad I was until I started yoga back in 2006 in a hostel on the beach in Thailand. It taught me how to love myself again and how to love others without snapping or being argumentative. It made me feel more confident in myself and my abilities to say No to things that didn't sit right with me. It made me so much more calmer and able to think things through easier. I started to love my job again and carried on doing it up until last year when I finally handed in my notice after 19 years at the same veterinary practice. I now teach others to have the same life I do, fun, happy, fun loving life and have the family they always grew up dreaming about and they can have this through yoga, meditation, journaling, nutrition and breath work.

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with your anxiety and do you know what triggers it? I would love to know.

Have a good day.

Lots of love xxx


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