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Have you ever been taken back to a place you've been before just by smelling a certain smell?

Have you ever been taken back to a place you've been before just by smelling a certain smell? I did this morning in the shower. The bathroom window was open and I was having a shower just after doing my daily morning yoga. I turned the shower on, got in and immediately got a beautiful smell from outside which transported me back to our family holiday in Mallorca in May 2019. The warm morning air wafting in and me being taken back to having breakfast outside at our villa that we had hired for the week. The birds singing in my garden, the warm gentle breeze and the smell just took me back.

I remember exactly what we were doing and what we were eating. Listening to the birds in my garden while in the shower right then and there, was a reminder that we were in the mountains in a tiny village just outside Campanet in Mallorca, having breakfast while listening to the mountain goats jingling their bells on their collars, watching the birds and the sun rise and breathing in that amazing fresh air. This made me feel so fortunate that we are able to go on holiday and spend quality time together as a family. That holiday was the most beautiful one we've been on. Just to have that space to ourselves, a pool of our own where the children could swim whenever they wanted and just to be free. We'd certainly go back to that area again. It just made me feel so special and one that I will treasure forever. I remember sitting amongst the lemon trees, recording a meditation for my on demand yoga classes once the children had gone to sleep and just being there in the present moment. I felt alive, free and just what I should be doing then and there.

Do you have a special place you think of when you smell a certain smell? How does it make you feel? Leave a comment below.

By having this sense of smell and sense of direction, it really makes you think of how and when you were happy in everything you were doing. It makes you feel alive and held by the universe that you were supposed to be there at that specific time in your life. It brings back memories of a time when maybe you were happier in your life and now that certain smell when you smell it, will always have a habit of making you feel good. It transports you back to that time. Listen here to your body and mind. Listen to what it's telling it.

This morning in the shower, that smell of the morning dawn brought me back to Mallorca and I truly believe that it wanted me to tell you about it which then gave me inspiration to write this to you. I vividly remember everything we did on that holiday and how I felt. It made me feel alive and wanted to share this with you.

Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what takes you back and what you were doing.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx

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