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Does your Back hurt while working from home?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

While some of us have gone back out into the work environment, most of us are still working from home. Do you have a place set up for working from home or are you like me, sitting on the sofa with the laptop on your knees trying to work and juggle childcare etc. If like me, you haven't actually got a proper area to work in, your posture is probably wrong. This in turn will give you a bad back.

Have a Healthy Spine

Have you ever thought about how to care for your spine? Having a healthy back and spine means you can do more things easily and more around more easily. Your back is literally the backbone that holds you up. You need to look after it if you want it to survive late into your 80's and 90's. Have you ever thought that keeping hydrated will help your back or have you thought about keeping you core engaged when lifting something heavy?

You core is a band of muscles which surround your entire torso. They are not just the 'Six pack'. If you are in a class and the teacher says keep your core engaged then that is what you need to contract. To engage your core, you need to imagine or (actually doing it) blowing out a candle. When you do this, the abdominal muscles contract and this is then what you need to keep engaged. Do it now and see what I mean.

Correcting Posture

Most people have a bad posture and this is due to how you are probably sitting right now reading this (to be honest I am sitting in my living room after teaching, laptop on my lap with a bad posture) even yoga teachers don't take their own advice sometimes. To know if you have a good posture, stand up straight, shoulders down away from your ears, pelvis tucked under slightly and lift through your chest. Most of the time we are slouched with shoulders forward. Next time you think about it, maybe standing in a que think about how you are standing. Do the above and notice how much taller you stand. A good posture will help with lower back issues and shoulder pain. You know your mother was always right when she said 'Stand up straight or Sit up straight' She was protecting you from back issues.

You can start right away to help protect your back. Click on the video above and you'll be able to do a 10 minute video on Yoga for Lower Back Pain. Go have a good stretch and come back to this yoga sequence whenever you need to.

Make sure you take some time throughout your day to Step Away From Your Screen. This could be going for a gentle walk, or doing a few neck stretches just to release any tightness anywhere within the body. Try to move around a least once every hour. Maybe go and make yourself a drink in the kitchen or have a stroll around the garden. For every 55 minutes spent at your desk hunched over, use the other 5 minutes to stretch out.

Always remember that your back is your life so look after it well.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!


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