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Did You Know That Yoga Also Lowers Your Heart Rate?

You probably know that yoga is good for flexibility but did you know that yoga also lowers your heart rate? Probably not. Well let me tell you a little bit more.

When you are doing certain yoga poses for example child's pose, your head is lower than your heart so your heart has to work less to pump the blood to your brain. When you are standing upright the heart has to really pump it up to your head so increases the blood pressure. If you did Childs pose for 5 minutes per day, this can have a significant impact on lowering your heart rate.

To lower the heart rate in yoga, you are connecting the breath to movement and concentrating on the breath, using your diaphragm which in turn allows you to use the abdominal muscles to draw the breath deep down into the tummy. This then allows your chest to fully expand getting the amount of oxygen needed to get into the cells and brain. If you are regularly practicing yoga, this can lower your heart rate as you learn to breathe using the correct muscles so in general you will start to breathe like this more often, which then starts to lower your heart rate. Clever this isn't it.

So if you find yourself shallow breathing a lot of yawning, then take bigger, deeper breaths to get more oxygen flowing to your body. This will lower your heart rate, lower your stress levels, lower your anxiety levels and make you feel good. Who doesn't want that?

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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