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Detox the Body

How often do you hear people say 'Detox the body its amazing for you' or 'Drink this juice as it will detox your body'? I'm sure you have especially around January and the new year time. But did you know yoga can actually help with this. Yoga provides a huge number of benefits to detox the body. This includes physical, emotional and spiritual levels. A lot of yoga poses increase blood circulation, which then stimulates the lymphatic system and helps the liver to work at its full protentional to cleanse the entire body.

In yoga the spinal twists and inversions are the best at detoxing the body. I usually say in Seated Spinal Twist, its like wringing out your insides as the twist motion is doing exactly that, wringing out all the toxins and bad cells from the stomach, gut and blood systems, pushing them to the liver and kidneys and detoxifying the body. Inversions help to transport new blood to the liver and kidneys and as a result, detoxifies the body.

Breath work also helps to detoxify the body as it sends fresh oxygen to the blood cells, taking the fresh nutrient rich blood to the brain, heart, lungs and all over the body. This in turn makes you feel 100% better quicker than if you weren't breathing correctly and using the diaphragm the way you should.

So jump on your mat and stretch out the next time you are feeling sluggish and tired. It will give you an immediate pick me up.

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