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Be More Appreciative Of What You Have Around You!


Last night when I was putting the children to bed a thought came into my head about being grateful in that moment. Each night Brianna and I sing twinkle twinkle little star twice. In between songs we have a cuddle and she wraps her arms all the way around me. Sometimes when its really late going to bed (they are usually in bed by 7pm) I'm in a rush especially when I am going straight out to yoga, but I need to be more present and yesterday I was. She threw her little arms around me (she's 4) and snuggled her head right into my shoulder. I then tilted my head and snuggled into her. I love smelling her, she smells so nice but it made me stop and think and be grateful right in that moment.

We can learn so much from children that they do things in the spare of the moment. We as adults need to be more spontaneous and really be in the moment instead of thinking right what's next. If someone comes up to you and wants a hug, be grateful that they want to hug you, or smile at the person walking by. You never know, that smile might just have made their day. Something so simple to you might be the best thing that has happened to that other person today.

Think about when something nice happened to you and how did you feel? Were you grateful to the person who made you feel that way? The more we are grateful, the more nice and amazing things happen to us. Let me know in the comments below.

Be the person who spreads the love, not the person who is angry at the world. But and this is a huge BUT, you can only feel good and be grateful for things that are happening around you when you are in a good place mentally and physically. If you aren't there yet then meditating or moving, doing exercise will release the calming hormones (serotonin) and decrease the stress hormone (Cortisol) which will then in turn make you feel instantly better. Give thanks for your practice, your exercise or anything that makes you feel good. The more you practice this, the more grateful you will become and the more you will put your higher self out into the world. By doing this, you will then get more and more good things happening.

So by me being grateful for the snuggles that my daughter gives me every night, the more I am getting within my life because I am sending happy signals out into the world. Try it next time you feel good and happy about yourself. You mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx


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