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Last night I was writing my posts for today and came across a new word that I have never heard of before. Its called Aristotelianism and it means (happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.) Well I never knew that and yes I certainly abide by this word. Happiness is the result of an active life. Just look at your life right now. What would you like to change in it? And now you have identified that you need to change that part of your life, go ahead and do it.

Now you are probably thinking yeah right, I'm not just going to up sticks and leave my life to find happiness on some far off desert island, No of course you aren't but look at what you can change now that will give you instant gratification and instant happiness. That might be a slight change in your diet, swapping your breakfast cereal for porridge or a smoothie recipe or that might be getting up 5 minutes earlier to have a stretch.

Now if you were wanting to up sticks and move to a desert island, go down to the local beach and take your shoes off. Feel the sand between your toes and just imagine. Take yourself off to a far away land and listen to your body feeling happy. If you are in the middle of the country without any beaches near you then take yourself off to a playpark and place your feet in the sandpit. Do exactly the same. I know you wont hear the waves lapping against the shore but you can imagine. Imagination is the key to making you feel so much better. Its actually called visualisation. Visualise yourself again on a far away beach. By allowing yourself to get lost in these thoughts, you are releasing endorphins your happy, pain relief and relaxation hormone and decreasing cortisol your stress hormone. This immediately makes you feel calm and content.

By doing a meditation, you can also get the same happiness you need in a very short space of time. Have a look at all the meditations on the On Demand Yoga Classes, they are there for you to feel happy and less stressed, for you to get a better nights sleep and for you to be more productive and less snappy. Now who doesn't want all that. Do you know what, Its also FREE. So go take a look the link is below.

So lets make a pact, today on Wellness Wednesday do something that you haven't done before and get those happy hormones flowing. Keep being active or start to become more active as of today. I challenge you to do one thing each day for yourself and no one else that will make you feel happy. Go and do it and let me know in the comments below what it is. I would love to know.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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