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Arghhh, I'm So Anxious With Life!

Last night I came across an article about Air signs and being a Libra, I am an air sign. The other Air signs are Gemini and Aquarius. But what caught my eye was that Libra is an adolescent who wants to try it all. That's totally me, I want to try everything and when I do, I feel that I've accomplished a lot by doing that.

But it also said that Libra is the sign of adjustment, of making room for the other outside of the self. Libra “holds space” and takes heed of everyone’s needs in addition to their own. I certainly do, do that. I feel accomplished that I help others in time of their need, which then leads me onto Breath work as being a Libra I also take great pride in being an Air sign.

Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to teach breath work as Air is all around us and keeps us alive. Now you might think this is all a bit airy fairy (See what I did there) but Air is one of the elements that's keeps the world alive as well as water, fire, and earth. Follow the video here for a Guided Square Breathing Tutorial to really help clear your mind and bring you back to a sense of calmness and bring your anxiety back down for you to feel normal.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!


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