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3 Elements To Having A Better Day

Have you ever woken up and thought 'oh no I'm dreading today because of ...' but there is an easy way to make you feel better about the situation you are dreading.

1. Have A Better Sleep The Night Before

Before you go to bed, say to yourself 'tonight I will let go of all that no longer serves me.' 'I will sleep well knowing that I am feeling safe and loved' 'I have released all the doubt in my mind and know that someone has my back' 'I will sleep soundly in the knowledge that I am loved and I love myself'

By doing this, you will automatically go to sleep without any fears and would have released the doubts surrounding this. It releases the serotonin in your body for you to feel calmer and get a better nights sleep.

If you are having issues in your relationship and go to bed on an argument, you need to talk about it and sort it out before bed. My nan on my wedding day had took me to one side and specifically said to me 'do not go to bed on an argument'. She was totally right. You really do not get a good nights sleep because your cortisol levels stress hormones are higher and you toss and turn because you are overthinking all the time. You feel anxious and tired all at the same time and then you'll wake up in a bad mood. So always talk about it before as this will release the anxiety of talking in the morning.

For more information about getting a better nights sleep, click HERE and read more in the sleep blog post.

2. Practice 5 Minutes Of Yoga Before Bed

Wow you have no idea how much this is needed in your life right now. By practicing a 5 minute stretch just before you go to bed, your body will be in a state of sleep and calmness. This allows the Melatonin (your sleep hormone) to be produced by the pineal gland (located in your brain) for you to have a better nights sleep as it acts on other receptors within your body to encourage your sleep pattern. Click HERE for a FREE Bedtime Yoga Routine which will enhance your body's natural ability to sleep. Making you feel so much better and brighter in the morning.

3. Meditate And Journal When You Get Up

Now those of you who know me know that I constantly talk about meditation and journaling and this is because I am so in love with how it makes you feel and how supported and held you feel. This is a huge one in my book and one that I consider to be so important as breathing to do every single day. It allows your thoughts to be processed and for you to actually sit down for 5 minutes and be with yourself. It allows you to go inward and really allow your mind and body to connect. It allows your thoughts to come through and for you to process them in the way your brain wants to.

Have you heard of the term brain dump? Well its where you have so much clutter, thoughts and feelings in your head and you need to get them out. By journaling them out of your head, you are freeing up valuable space within your brain and it makes you feel lighter, have a clearer head space to think and for you to feel a lot calmer. Grab your FREE copy of your Journaling Journey HERE for you to have a clearer head in the morning.

By putting these things into place each morning it will make your day feel so much better. You will start your day off calmer, relaxed and all round a happier person. Oh and one ore element to add which should be number 4 here is stretch. Get on your mat and stretch. Even if its just for 3 minutes each morning, you will feel so much better.

Let me know by leaving a comment below, what element you will be adding to your daily routine. I would love to know.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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