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Who Would Have Thought This Was So Delicious!

Who Would Have Thought This Was So Delicious!

I was thinking the other day I need some more ideas for breakfast. Now my breakfasts are pretty nutritious compared to some people but I am getting a bit bored with them so I came up with a different Overnight Oats recipe.

My usual breakfasts can include: - Homemade Granola with Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit, seeds and 1 square of chopped up 100% dark chocolate - Scrambled Eggs with Spinach - Greek yogurt with fresh fruit - Sourdough toast with nut butter - Omelette with feta cheese, olives and spinach - Green Smoothie (left over broccoli stems, half an avocado, spinach, Greek yoghurt, honey, seeds and oat milk) - Fruit Smoothie (frozen or fresh fruit) - Overnight Oats The list is endless but I've changed up my overnight oats recipe which is deeeeliciousssss by the way and here it is:

Ingredients - Small portion of dried oats, - Greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt - Half a grated Apple and slices to decorate - Seeds of your choice ( I love love love Chia Seeds) - 3 hot tablespoons of water - A dash of milk or alternative milk of your choice - Grated 100% chocolate or near to 100% as I know that it is quite an acquired taste. Method Put all in a bowl, mix up and place in the fridge overnight. In the morning open the fridge voila you already have your breakfast made. Top with a few more seeds or fresh fruit.

So delicious, nutritious, healthy and will keep you feeling fuller for longer because of the carbohydrates, protein and fats (Good fats by the way) So give it a try and let me know. Take a photo of it and tag @yogigemma in it or hashtag #easyoga I will then share your post to. Click HERE if you would like a FREE downloadable Nutrition Guide PDF. There is lots of great nutritional advice in it so go and grab it today.

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Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

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