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Who Do You Know Who Will Be Your Support Guide?

Have you ever thought about getting the help you really need. Maybe this is the time to do it. Whether that be a coach, therapist, mentor, healer. Whatever you are struggling with, there is someone out there who can help you.

Ask yourself what is it that I am struggling with? Be open and honest with yourself. Someone out there is willing to help you, you just need to be open to receive the vibes to get the help you need. You need a good support team around you.

Looking after number one is your top priority at the moment. If you are struggling with anything or are feeling overwhelmed by a lot of what has happened in the news this week, then I don't blame you either. You need to channel your energies and emotions out and start to feel like you again. Everything we watch, listen to, people we even talk to, all have an energy and if its a negative energy then that can move into us. Now I know this all sounds a bit woo woo, but trust me. All the virus stuff out there at the moment all seems to be negative, the news in general is negative and has been for the best part of a year so its no wonder we are all feeling low. This is where we need to channel our energies out and feel like we did a year ago.

To do this, go out in nature. Nature is our biggest healer. We came from nature, we are nature and mother earth is here to help us. If you don't want to go out, then go out into your garden and breathe fresh air. If you don't have a garden, then open your door and stand there in the sunshine, closing your eyes and breathing. Know that someone out there is looking after you. Trust in the process that everything will be ok. Channel your thoughts out to clear your head. This is amazing and it makes you feel good to.

I learnt another trick the other day. Push away from the wall with both your hands. If you are so stressed out, put your hands to the wall, and just push. Shout, scream, do what you need to but just push the wall away really hard. This will channel the bad negative energies out and it works. Its amazing.

Know that there is always someone who can help you, be it your partner, friend, colleague, family member or someone more professional like a coach, mentor, therapist. Just take that leap and as for help.

Asking for help doesn't mean that you are failing. No by all means this means you are strong enough to ask for help. Asking doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are asking to feel like the you again and asking to find that person you once were. Because somewhere deep inside of us, we want to be us again and feel like we did pre covid.

Know someone out there is looking to help you. To help you to be you. Trust that person is one their way to you. You will be helped very soon.

If you find that you are needing help in an area then let me know and I will be able to help you. Give me a call.

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Have a good rest of your day.

lots of love xxx

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