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Still Working From Home And Suffering From Lower Back Pain?

A few people have come to to me over the last few months with lower back issues and I think this is because we have now been working from home for 18 months+ and we have 'just made do' with our work space. Some days it might be sitting on the sofa, laptop on our laps. Sometimes it might be sat at the kitchen table leaning over to much and not getting up and having a break every hour. Some days we might be perched on the kitchen side up and down sorting kids out juggling school holidays and working. Whatever and however you work always has something to do with your body.

Now, these people all sit for at least 8 hours per day. We as humans are not designed to sit at a right angle for these amounts of hours. We are mammals who should be walking around a lot and being more active. Take a look at our ancestors, they never really sat down, they would to eat but that's it. So lets try and go back to moving a lot more.

Get up at least once every hour and go for a walk around the house or office. Go and talk to a colleague or get a glass of water. Water will keep you hydrated which is a good start. Move and stretch your body. Do not sit back down within your 5 minutes not even to talk to another person. This allows the blood to flow back into your legs and pelvis and wakes your glutes (bum muscles) up allowing them to feel again. By walking around and stretching you are moving the ache in your back and making it release the tension and tightness.

Standing side bends are great at releasing tightness in the lower back.


1. Stand in Mountain Pose and raise your arms up towards the sky. Keeping

shoulders down away from your ears. Engage core muscles. Pull up your

knees activating your quadriceps (quads front thigh muscles).

2. Exhale and fold over to one side keeping your arms raised.

3. Try to get the side of your torso to be parallel with the floor. Keeping your arms up against your ears but keep your shoulders down. Imagine you have got two panes of glass either side of you trying to keep straight. You should feel a stretch all the way down your left side of the body. Have your chest open and breathe deeply. Stay here for five breaths.

4. On your next inhale, come back up to the centre still with your arms up exhale and fold over onto the other side. Stay here for five breaths.

5. On your next inhale come back up to standing and exhale release your

arms back down.


Be careful in these poses if you have neck injuries.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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