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Step Forward One Foot At A Time

Today we start the week off on the right foot, stepping forward each time something hard or stressful comes up.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and communicate with people. Humans are not mind readers (how much fun would that be though if we were). Don't be afraid to say you aren't happy with a certain situation. Find the courage to ask. Dig deep into your soul and find that inner courage and wisdom to seek the help you need.

We as a a human race are pack animals. We like to be held, touched, cuddled, talked to and made to feel happy. We can find this though our work colleagues, through family members, partners, friends and anyone who will listen.

If you are struggling this week, ask for help, no matter how big or small it is. Communication is key to a happy life, it really is. People are always here for you. If you are in a very stressful situation at work, find someone to talk it through. Take a break, walk away from this situation for 10 minutes. Take a walk in nature, take 3 big deep breaths and your mindset will have been reset. This will allow you to come at the situation from a different perspective.

By taking in big deep breaths, this allows new oxygen to flow into the body, filling up our cells. This then allows our brains to function better as cells need new oxygen to function correctly, making us feel 100% clearer on the outcome. It allows us to focus better.

So this week promise me you will do this. Communicate, Take a walk, and Breathe.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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