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Self Care Saturday

Be Kind To Your Mind is today's motto. Especially if you suffer with headaches or migraines. I'm sure at some point in your life, you have and this is when you need to sit, relax and take some time out for you.

Did you know that it is estimated that there are 190,000 migraine attacks experienced every day in England and 6 million people suffer from migraine in the UK. That's a huge number and something needs to be done about it to help.

Let me know if you suffer from any kind of headaches or PTSD which brings on headaches. There are so many different kinds of headaches all of which have their own areas of the head which it affects more. Some people might have frontal headaches causing pain in the forehead and in between the eyes. Some people may suffer with neck, shoulder and back of the head headaches. There are so many all of which I cant list here. All of these are classed as different ones but all can be cured using different methods. Let me know what one works for you as I'd love to know and help you more.

Try sitting or laying down in a dark room, closing your eyes and breathing. Or you could try meditation which really helps to channel your energies and thoughts out of that area. You could try massaging the neck and shoulder areas and also use a Acupressure mat as this really helps to use the pressure points on your body to relieve stress. Also a great one is to use reflexology to relieve the pressure and pain. Give one of those a try and see how you get on. I'd love to know so leave a comment and I'll try it out as well and let you know how I get on. You could also try a technique called Tapping. This is amazing at relieving the tension and pressure of a headache. Click the link below to be taken to the tapping page for you to relieve the pressure.

Lets say goodbye to headaches completely.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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