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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

Just because of Lockdown, doesn't mean you cant celebrate Valentines Day. Dress up, order a takeaway or cook a meal together and be romantic. We've been together for over 20 years and of course we've had our ups and downs like anyone but, relationships take work and you both have to work at it to get stronger and for it to last.

So take valentines day for example, we cant go out because of lockdown so we are going to dress up and get a Waitrose Meal Deal and eat in. No phones or devices, Just us. Its called EFFORT in a relationship. If the other person doesn't want to, see what they would like to do. Relationships are also based on a bit of give and take and a lot of compromise. So be kind to each other and ask what would your partner like or want to do. If you don't fancy what your partner wants to do then compromise and say ok we'll do that for half the evening and we'll then do what I want for the rest of the evening or even better, try and incorporate both ideas into the evening so you are sharing and it becomes equal, not one sided. That's when there becomes resentment in the relationship. It doesn't have to consist of spending loads of money, none at all for that matter. What matters is that you are together and are enjoying each others company.

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