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Reminder - Do things at your own pace. Life's not a race

Our lives in the past 50 years or have have sped up dramatically and things seem to have been getting faster and faster every day. Society wants us to become this fast paced nation all just working and not having any time to ourselves. Do you feel like all you do is work, have dinner, sleep, work, have dinner, sleep? Its a vicious circle.

We also seem to have to do things at others paces, not our own pace. Always listen to your body and do things at your own pace. Life's not a race. Now I know if you have got huge deadlines which you know are just not reachable, you feel stressed, tired, you push yourself more, this is when you need to set deadlines for yourself, not anyone else. Set achievable none stressful goals for yourself for you to achieve the end result. Your work will be so much more productive if you take time for yourself.

Remember to take breaks often and and if your body is craving fresh air and nature, then go out and go for a walk. Take in all that is around you. Meditate in nature. Did you know, you can even meditate walking.

Reminder - Do things at your own pace. Life's not a race.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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